Off-Road Tire Size Comp: 285 vs 295 vs 305 vs 315 vs 37″

Off-Road Truck Tire Size Comparison Part 2: 285 vs 295 vs 305 vs 317 vs 37″ in video chronological order:

285 COMPARISON 12:56 mark

295 COMPARISON 2:50 mark

305 COMPARISON 5:26 mark

315 COMPARISON 14:12 mark

37″ COMPARISON 16:13


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BF Goodrich KO2 All-Terrain Tires:
265/70R17 Load Range C:
265/70R17 Load Range E:
275/70R17 Load Range E:
285/70R17 Load Range C:
285/70R17 Load Range E:
315/70R17 Load Range E:
35/12.5R18 Load range E:

BF Goodrich KM3 Mud-Terrain Tires:
33×12.50R15/Load Range C:
295/70R17/Load Range E:
305/60R16 Load Range E:
33×12.50R17/Load Range E:

BF Goodrich KM2 Mud Terrain Tires:
285/70R17 Load Range D:

Mickey Thompson MTZP3 Mud Terrain
265/70R17 Load Range E:
285/70R17 Load Range E:
295/70R17 Load Range E:
305/70R17 Load Range E:

Nitto Ridge Grappler – Hybrid (All-Terrain & Mud):
265/70R17 Load Range C:
265/70R17 Load Range E:
285/70R17 Load Range C:
285/70R17 Load Range E:
285/75R17 Load Range C:
35/12.5R18 Load Range E:
295/65R20 Load Range E:

Goodyear MTR with Kevlar – Mud Terrain
265/70R17 Load Range E:
275/70R17 Load Range E:
285/70R17 Load Range D:

DJI Phantom 4 Pro:
Panasonic GH5:
Metabones/Canon EF lens adapter/speed booster:
Canon 80D DSLR:
Canon 24-105mm f4L lens:
Canon 70-200mm f2.8L lens:
Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 Art lens:
Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 wide angle lens:
Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod:
Manfrotto Video Monopod:
Moza Air Camera Gimbal:
(2) Olympus Audio Recorders:
(2) Polsen PL-5 Lavalier Microphones:

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  1. I'm glad you mentioned them mickey's, what's the true size on the tires you have on your runner, I'm looking for a narrow tire in Mickey Thompson, so that I don't loose articulation by rubbing.

  2. Good information, I would like to know what is the tallest and wider tire I can use in my LexusGX460 with the 18" original rims without a lift and with 2 inch leveling to the front, 4 Runners and this Lexus are very similar suspension and high (close in clearance between tire and tire wall), this information is very important to know for me before buying a new set of tire, I do some of road on weekend and the HT Tires are very disappointing in mud even dangerous, thanks for your good work

  3. If you could do a 33/12.5/15 comparison
    I’m debating for my Toyota’s next tires
    Mud and all terrain
    Either one would be a good video .
    Great videos

  4. I had a set of KM2 tires, they didn't last nearly as long as my KO2. I daily drive my 4Runner, don't really see me going MT tires anymore. I've run KO2 quite a bit at Moab and they work great. I can get 60K out of KO2's

  5. What's the "Sweet Spot" in size that saves you the most money when buying tires and wheels? Also, I'd assume a "Mud" style is preferred when driving in snowy, mountainous driving conditions? Thanks for your help

  6. I like how your comparing the tires, but you didn’t explain the sizing correctly. You compared tire for a 17” wheel and a 20” wheel in metric tire sizing. Of course the 20” wheel tire will be taller, but both tires had about the same aspect ratio and width. The side wall height is about the same. Then you grab a tire measured in American sizing and show it’s small size wall. American sizing is the total height of the tire regardless of the wheel size. I think your confusing people then helping to explain.

  7. I suspect that the larger diameter 17-20 wheel the load ratings being E or even F has a lot to do with liability on manufacturers because many shops don’t know or care if they put a load C tire on a 2500/3500 truck that calls for E rated tire the overkill protects them from lawsuits

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