Pedal Assist vs. Throttle Activated Electric Bike

This video is meant to serve as a quick guide for electric assist vs. throttle operated electric bicycles. The former is categorized as Class 1 in parts of the US and Europe while the latter is considered Class 2 and not allowed on as many trails and in certain cities.



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  1. Son its chalk and cheese MID DRIVE for more efficient increases the torque using the rear cassette that similarly ends there MID DRIVES are the way of the future (my prediction)

  2. MY STROMER ST2 HAS BEEN RIDICULOUSLY UNRELIABLE. It has broken down more than 7 times in only 211 miles over a 2 and a quarter year span. a wide variety of problems have plagued the beleaguered and sad bicycle. I could go on for days… I am utterly disgusted in the reliability of this machine. It has been the very worst purchase of my entire lifetime. Headlight failure is not a laughing matter, neither is throttle going in and out while pedaling hard. Very many problems. Horrible Bike.

  3. Actually the power assisted bicycle didn't start in Europe but in Japan for mothers to haul their children on utility bicycle called "mamachari"
    It was predictable when it came to US it would turn into recreational purpose(for people just want to go faster, in other words, they are looking for toys.) because market for utility bicycle segment is non existent in US.

    I don't expect to stay in US market for long unless the car culture ends and people start looking to bicycles and mass transportation to commute.

  4. I have a Citizen Miami 20" folding bike. I, like you have some knee problems( Naval veteran ) I'd like to convert it to electric. Max speed is not priority. Cost is( limited budget) Are you aware of oa good , inexpensive alternative that you could recommend?

  5. hey bro. i have an electric pedal assist bike. Now i want to change it into throttle operated electric bike. Could you please give me any suggestion to solve it?

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