Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 Cross Country Racer Project Test

Teixeira Tech upgrades the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 or 850 for aggressive sport riding or cross country racing

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Since debuting in 2014, we’ve remained impressed with the smooth yet excessive power, good quality suspension, and refined ergonomics of the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000. As all out four-wheel-drive ATV performance goes, not much comes close. Located in northern California, Teixeira Tech designs and builds chassis parts for Team UXC/Factory Polaris who race Scrambler 1000s, 850s, and RZR SxS in the GNCC and the Best in the Desert series. Playing a a major role in improving the durability and handling of Factory Polaris machines, when Teixeira Tech owner, Ed Teixeira, asked us if we wanted to test out a cross-country ready Scrambler 1000 he built with a number of his personal long-time sponsors, we didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity.

We were already fans of the Polaris Scrambler, and Teixeira Tech has certainly built on that. If you’re looking into going cross-country racing on a 4×4 ATV, this build should yield a pretty competitive machine for a competitive rider. It’s tougher, handles better, and pulls harder than stock and stock is no slouch. For the average trail rider, you can pick and choose the items that will serve your needs best. We were happy with the performance of all the products involved.



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  1. Quick question I would like to upgrade my suspension on my 2016 scrambler 850 and I would like the high end elka shocks but I dont like the price. So what would you recommend that cheap and works good over the stock gas shocks that come with it.

  2. I love heavy sport atv's! You can rip em through the trails like a sport atv, and rip them through some mud like a 4×4. They are a little heavy so jumps aren't that great and they are pretty expensive and waay out of my price range haha. We all have dreams though right lol.

  3. Great video!
    Those graphics looked pretty cool, glad to be able to work with you guys on this awesome build. -Graphic Worx

  4. Love your videos ATVonDemand! Good entertaining videos thank you for making them! Have you guys ever thought about making a budget 400x (400ex) xc build video???

  5. So what do you have to do when you get your exhaust system and fuel optimizer and uni filter? Did you have to change the fuel optimizer settings? I'm getting the hmf xl for my Scrambler 1000

  6. Hi
    Can you tell me what type of riding do you choose when you wre ordering elka? Beacuse i have new elka stage 4 for cross country racing and my weight too. And i don't know if i choose bad at ordering suspension or i seting it bad.
    PS.I' m riding at the same terrains just like on video.

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