Porsche Boxster vs Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Challenge: Baja Boxster Project Porsche Ep.2

( ) Porsche Boxster vs Gold Mine Hill Test Off-Road Challenge: Baja Boxster Project Porsche Ep.2

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  1. to lift I would suggest getting some of those pucks they put in the springs of cars when they put them on car haulers for transport so they don't scrap it reduces spring rate but it would work and be cheap hope this helps

  2. I gave it a thumbs up. I liked the effort and the quality and idea isn't that bad actually. Is this supposed to TFLC TopGear Version?? Common logic would say that a car that's low to the ground would take a serious beating. Why not give it a lift, then have it do that. Just make more sense.

  3. You know, the 911 was big in European rally racing back in the day — there are tons of mods for older 911s to make them off-road capable. I wonder if any companies who make those parts would also make parts that would fit the Boxster?

  4. I wish you would pick the Baja Boxster idea back up. Safari 911s are getting fashionable again. Wouldn't it be cool if you led the way with an affordable Porsche?

  5. TFLCar, looks like you lost your purpose. Funny videos of cheap cars is with the Hoovies Garage. Waste of time and money on 4×4 projects is with the Dirty everyday. Why don’t you keep up with the car reviews? Some of them were entertaining…

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