Project Cherokee XJ Overland Lift Kit Complete – Ep. 4

In this video we reveal how the 4″ Iron Rock Off-Road Lift Kit turned out on our 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport XJ Overland project. We still plan on showing a step by step install of the kit, but couldn’t wait to show you how it looked. We also reveal what rims we chose for the build, flat black ProComp 69’s!

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  1. From experience, I would recommend a heavy duty tie rod before you take it to get aligned so you don't have to go get the car aligned again. It is just a matter of time before the stock tie rod goes especially with bigger tires. Btw, great build!

  2. Mob rules on the wheels, eh? That's cool. They're gonna look really good on there. I take it that number includes purchase price of the Jeep also? Is so, that's not bad. You've still got a lot of room to do more and have a really cool capable rig for under 10 grand!

  3. I stumbled onto your channel and I'm very glad I did. I had a 98 XJ Limited and I miss it everyday. Glad to see you are doing it right from the beginning, maintenance maintenance maintenance, its not sexy and its boring but the foundation is what makes it last a very long time. Looking forward to the rest of the videos.
    Have you made any decisions on Sliders, Bumpers? I had JCR front and rear bumpers and AJ's offroad sliders. Top notch stuff.

  4. Love the wheels, may have to get them for my XJ. I'm going with the Old Man EMU 3 inch lift this weekend and have been undecided on wheels.

  5. love the wheels ive got them on my white 12 jku with 4 inch lift and 35s. now i want to know will you be updating the xjs headlights to some trucklites. I think they really look updated with suchy a simple mod. Thanks great videos.

  6. Have you considered doing the alignment yourself? It is not very difficult on a solid axle vehicle and can save a ton of money for someone that does their lift in iterations. You did your lift all in one shot but it is still a great learning experience and can save you some cash.

    Here is a link to a pretty good write up on the GoJeep website.

  7. That's awesome! It looks so good. I would highly recommend getting some rocker guards before taking it on anything difficult. Remember its a uni-body and the rockers are particularly vulnerable.

  8. Fun vid. My only worry is how the track bar and steering link aren't parallel. U are going to have a good bit of 'bump steer'. Might have to do a mild pitman arm drop.

  9. The best thing i found on those bolts, is cut the floor pan out, above the shocks, repair the bolts make plates to bolt down over the holes, put some tar where they make a seal when bolted down, then put the new nuts with antiseeze…

  10. You can a heckuva lot of $$ by buying USED off Craiglist..mainly tires & rims. Lots of motivated sellers (who have upgraded) & want to dump their old rims/tires. Pick-a-Part also, esp on 40% off sales. Good deals on parts over Ebay, E.g., DIY XJ bumper kits (front winch & rear) for $140 – $160, 3/16" steel. LED lights bars.

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