Project Cherokee XJ Overland Valve Gasket Install & Build Update Ep.2

In this episode, my son helps me replace the valve cover gasket on our 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport XJ. The old gasket has been leaking pretty bad in in the rear and probably hasn’t been replaced in many, many years. We also break down how much the build has cost us to date and need your opinion on deciding on what rims to get.

Fel-Pro gasket part number VS 50458 R:

ProComp 69
ProComp 32
Mickey Thompson Classic III
Ion 171


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Basic Reaper Shrapnel — Rock/Metal



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  1. regarding what wheels you are going to get, it all depends on what style you want for your jeep in the end, if you want to keep it looking like a 1999 jeep than the mickey thompson's would look great but if you guys want to modernize it I think one of the black wheels would look better! this is all my opinion obviously in the end it's not my money, just something to think about!

  2. Do the front suspension stuff asap. Easy jobs, and really made a difference for me. Went ahead and put on the HD tie rod from IronRockOffroad. Happy with that choice, even though I'll never need it crawling malls. (The OEM was just rusty)
    Also recommend a close look at your brake calipers. On my 1999 they were SHOT. Deceased. Expired. Terminal. Put new brake hoses on my 99 while I was in there because OEMs are 18 YEARS OLD, and hoses are cheap.
    The biggest issue left is the O2 sensors, also SHOT. Oh, and the stupid front axle seals. Both jobs that, for me, are probably worth farming out to a pro. Throttle body needs a cleaning come spring. [Another good job for the sons to learn!]
    Of the four wheels I would vote for the ProComp 69's, although I'd just go with cheaper black painted steel wheels myself. Because – 200 bux! My 99 is a classic, so I'm keeping its alloys. Going pick-a-part shopping for grand cherokee front seats soon.
    Hope the jacked up shoulder mends. That blows.

  3. I originally went with black wheels on my XJ and then ended up picking up a set of American Racing Aluminum wheels second hand for cheap. After seeing the aluminum wheels on the Jeep, I never want to go back to black wheels. Just me $0.02.

  4. since youre on a budget i would go with the ions if the were flat black and since they are the cheapest and the lightest but not knowing if they come in flat black then i would go with the pro comp 69

  5. Personally I would just clean and repaint the original factory rims, not particularly fond of alloy rims on off road vehicles but each to his own 🙂

  6. My Jeep Cherokee XJ
    ————- Discount Tires —————————–
    Wheels 15 X7 6-114.30 6 BKGLBA ITEM: 52169 $69.00 ea.
    Tires BF Goodrich 33 /10.50R15 114Q C1 RWL ITEM# 38220 $212.00 ea.
    This has been a perfect setup for highway and off road.
    If you have any question about how my Jeep XJ is setup. I'll try to help.
    going to jump to your latest video, to see whats up.

  7. Just subscribed excellent channel, and don't worry about uploading the small jobs anything helps, my valve cover gasket is leaking and this video helps me do it by myself thank you

  8. Go steel rims otherwise buy spares. If you go 4×4 a lot chances are you will bend rims with steel you can hammer them back in shape with alloys. They will just crack.
    That’s my opinion but I do like the pro comp 69 ??????????

  9. I’m guessing you were getting oil seepage from the valve cover? My 2000 xj needs to be replaced quite soon. How long start to finish? Great channel. New Sub.

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