Project Offroad Kia Update

Here is an in depth update on the kia sportage. Sorry for the slow updates and please stay tuned by subscribing. In this video I walk you through all the new parts that have been installed and the issues I have encountered. If you any knowledge you would like to share about the issues I mention in this video please comment below. Thank you for watching.



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  1. Hi after my sportage got stuck in 3 to 4ft of mud I have had the same problem with the car dying and blowing the main fuse. What I did to fix mine was finding out that my alternator had die after replacing it to a good known alt I also found out that my connections to my alt was bad after some brushing n cleaning it worked again. The second thing I did was got some electrical connector cleaner to clean all the wire harness connectors behind and near the ecu to reduce the possibility of shorts as much as possible. I also checked connections to my starter, after all this my car started fine again and never blow fuse again. Some tips I can give about 1st gen kia sportage is that some ecu has been recall to the dealer/manufacture for defects/problems however if u have the info u can find out if ur ecu is good or bad. This car also has a common problem of have bad connection to fuel pump harness causing intermittent problems. The reason I checked alt n starter connections is because I v seen Toyota trucks n SUV blow fuel pump/ main relay fuse due to bad connections to alt n starter. Did ur car just shutoff or did it misfire/detonate with lack of power before it died especially in high load, because if it did it can also have other problems that I can maybe help with

  2. Hope your project ends well and get to see some of the 4wheel action. I have the exact same kit on mine, except I have daystar one inch coil spacer on the cup along with the strut tower spacer in the kit, this was to level the front with my rear which I went with the stiffer springs to lift 4 inches. While doing some off-road requiring full flex travel my bolt flew off from the coupler to extend my sway bar link but that was likely cuz I did not put thread locks on or get longer couplers. I hope the kit is still available cuz my brother just got a sportage too and wants to lift it. I'm not sure if you tested the 4wheel n locking hubs yet but I noticed you have the off brand locking hubs on your kia and wanted to ask if u think they are reliable and tough/legit enough for the kia in off road use. My bros car had leaking vacumn hubs unlike my automechanical hub and we were planning to get the same hubs online but weren't sure if the quality was worth it

  3. I really liked that project of yours. I am doing the same project with a 2002 Kia Sportage. That bumper set up is cool. Too bad there isn’t a whole lot of aftermarket products out there for this particular Kia Sportage. Everything hard to be fabricated. Where are you located anyway?

  4. Finaly found someone who knows what he is doing xD Just started my own '96 2.2l diesel engine kia offroad project… Still havent started her, working on gaskets… got only one question if u are still active. From ur expiriance will that thing be able to survive any off road driveing? Tnx infront for answering…

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