Project Overlander Front Axle Swap Part 2 (IRO Dana 30 Axle Truss Install)

This is part 2 of Project Overlander’s front axle swap. In this video, I install the Iron Rock Offroad Dana 30 Over the axle truss kit. I also installed IRO’s inner sleeve kit but that will be shown in another video. Check out the install of this awesome kit and see a Dana 30 get supersized!

The welder we recommend for beginners:

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*This product is meant for entertainment purposes only. Your mileage may vary. Do not try this at home. Void where prohibited. Some assembly required. For off-road use only. Slippery when wet. Batteries not included. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle, heavy equipment, cherokee XJ, wrangler TJ, wrangler JK, or any Jeep vehicle, especially the newer Fiat ones. How-to videos may be too intense for some viewers and children under 30 years of age. Please remain seated until the 4×4 ride has come to a complete stop. Studies have shown viewing these videos causes increased cancer risks in laboratory test people. I am not a professional, I have no training, I’m not even particularly good at horse whispering. Don’t believe everything that you know. Please keep your hands in the vehicle at all times. Do not tap on glass. Do not eat anything that has been on the floor for more than 3 days. Keep your hands to yourself. Not to be taken internally. Reproduction strictly prohibited. Driver does not carry cash. Objects in Bleepinjeep mirrors may be farther than they appear.*




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  1. This is a really cool video. You've given me something to consider as I think of potential upgrades to do next year when I tackle a frame swap for my TJ. Thanks a lot for sharing this & Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. I just bought a new Dana 44 and I'm soon going to be welding my truss on it for my long arm kit. The axle tubes are already welded to the pumpkin I shouldn't need to replace the inner seals after words should I?

  3. I just had a shop weld a Artec truss on the front Dana 44 in my XJ…They said the seals will be fine, but everyone else disagrees? Also how do I check to make sure they didn't warp my axle!!!! Thanks in advance!

  4. The work you did on this axle is beautiful, but I still have questions & concerns:
    Welding to the "c's" & tubes is cool, but how much confidence do you really have in the chunk after all the heat treating it's been subjected to? How much confidence do you have in the weeds that secure the truss to the chunk? Sure, the welds might be top notch, but I'd be afraid of the the chunk cracking on me. I'd also be afraid of warpage. This was a considerable investment of time, money & effort; as such I would've put it into a full float dana 60. Yeah, they're expensive & hard to find, but the alternative seems like throwing good money on top of bad, expensive & prone to failure.

  5. Great informative video…but where is part 3? I need to know the rest of the story! Seriously, I am going to build my D30 and would like to see the rest of this build. Thank you!

  6. what would be better to use for welding the tubes to the diff housing?
    mig welding with a 110volt 140amp welder with 0.35 ER70S-6 wire and c25 (or cO2)
    arc welding with 220volt 200amp welder with 1/8 7018
    or something different?

  7. reading the instructions I have from iron rock have the c gussets installed in a wishbone shape. Any reason why you welded to the side of c's?

  8. Install a locker and 4:88 or 5:13 gears and chromoly shafts and let me know how that dana 30 ring and pinion hold up. I personally blew out (3) sets of gears. The ring gear diameter is too small, and all of the teeth strip off. All that money you spent could have bought a used dana 60 from a 2003 ford F-350

  9. How much do you think a shop would charge to weld and clean these parts, I don't have a welder and if I got one there is no way I would attempt something like this.

  10. Questions. I have 91 XJ with the vac line axle. However I have a 94 straight axle like this one to go in. My question is what do I do with the vac line that I won't need anymore?

  11. LOL. Since you know wtf you are doing you can make even a cheap ass ebay truss kit look good. well done sir. I'm seeking a sturdy dana 30 for my explorer sas.

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