Project XJ Overland Brake Lines, Steering Linkage, & More – Ep. 7

On this episode of Project Jeep Cherokee XJ Overland we tackle several important upgrades to get the XJ ready for the road and trail. We complete the installation of the transfer case drop down bracket, install upgraded headlight from Rampage, swap out our brake lines with some steel braided lines from Tomken and upgrade our steering linkage with a kit from Rusty’s Off Road.

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Rampage Headlights:
Tomken Front: Brake Lines:
Tomken Rear Brake Line:



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  1. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but you'll get much better output from your Rampage conversion if you do a wiring harness upgrade and run the lights directly from the battery using relays. The XJ wiring is notoriously poor and hindering your new H4s. The harness upgrade is cheap and simple.

  2. In a case like this, trying to decide what color to paint something, or not paint at all, I would first use Photoshop (or any other photo editing tool) to change the color of the grill on a picture and have a better idea of how it would look. Sure you can look at pictures of other XJs with the backed out grill, but seeing your own will help a lot.

  3. I would leave the front grill painted the body color. I have seen blacked-out grills and I think it really takes away from the overall visual impact. That is what black does; absorbs in all the light, hence you get a black space. In my opinion a black grill screams bottom of the model-line, plain-Jane, work truck. Nothing wrong with that, if that's what it is. But I believe your XJ looks better with the factory painted grill. The grill looks better integrated painted with the factory paint theme. I like the color of your XJ, and as a previous XJ owner, I also liked the factory color-matched front grill on my Limited. Good Luck!

  4. Like the new headlights. Did you have to use SAE or Metric B-nut wrenches for your brake lines ?……. On copper washers, if you are in a pinch. You can re-anneal them with a torch, very lightly. You learn this when you are scratching a poor mans ass and 50 years of breaking Sh%t Lol There is no comparison for steel braided lines.

  5. This is a great build series. I'm considering doing a build almost exactly like this but with 33s. What kind of mileage is this jeep currently getting without the regearing?

  6. One of your videos you asked about exhaust. I went the cheap way and replaced my catalytic converter with a 2.5" in and 2.5" out, made a 2.5" mid pipe for the downstream O2 sensor then had my local exhaust shop make a 2.5" pipe from the mid pipe. I originally had a muffler but was too quiet for me. lol total cost was less then $100. Better exhaust flow and hopefully more power and gas mileage.

    I'm planning on modifying the exhaust manifold to a larger exit and making the crossover pipe of 2.5"

  7. For the knuckle side TREs, just take the castle nuts off, flip them upside down and thread them on a couple turns. Then give them a couple good whacks with a small sledge hammer and they will pop right out. The pitman arm TRE is still a pain in the butt, but the other two will pop out in less than 30 seconds each with no special tools.

  8. You should have installed a headlight relay wiring harness. The stock design has all the voltage running through the switch in the dash and it can't hold the stock voltage that well, let alone new headlights.

  9. Thanks for sharing! After two years how is the steering linkage from Rusty's holding out and did you have to install a drop pitman arm on this. I did not catch you installing one on any of your videos. I know some lift kits come with them but I did not see that in your lift kit unboxing video.

  10. Hi, congratulations on your channel and for the great job you're doing. You gave me some great ideas on what to do with my XJ 🙂 I have some issues with vibrations while driving, and I think that it may be from the transfer case. Could you give me an advice, how do I know which is the right angle, in order to adjust it? Thanks 🙂

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