Time to Replace the Sway Bar Bushings – Project Jeep XJ Overland Ep. 1

In this first episode of Project XJ Overland we replace the 17 year old sway bar and sway bar link bushings on our 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport. These link bushings were dry rotted and worn out from over 200,000 miles of use. The sway bar and endlinks were clanking around metal to metal, and there was a lot of vibration in the steering running down the freeway, so these new bushings should help firm up the front suspension a little.

Over the next several months we will be slowly upgrading and restoring this 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ. The XJ is completely stock and we are going to build an Overlanding rig that will be both comfortable to drive and very capable on the trail.

Project XJ Overland Intro:

Music by: Hrafnas



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  1. Unless you plan to clean/paint like they did in the video, I have actually found it to be easier to not do all of the bushings at the same time. For instance, take out both end links, replace end link bushings, re-install the end links and then do the sway bar bushings. That way you don't ever have an awkwardly dangling sway bar that is attached on only one end.

  2. This is the same stuff I'm doing with my son right now on his XJ. I'm 52, he's 21, and he's convinced I'm an old-man weakling until it comes time to work on his Jeep. Then suddenly I can undo fasteners and things he can't seem to budge. Huh. Go dad go! I don't think we've had more laughs than when working on his Jeep. Great father son bonding time. Thanks for the great videos.

  3. Serious question. DId you just paint over the swaybar without cleaning it? I just figure you would wanna clean something before you paint it. Serious question I'm new to this stuff and trying to learn.

  4. I just bought a 2001 Jeep XJ for $3,000.00 and I’m going to fix it up with a lift, new tires, bumpers, rockers, lights, and roof rack. I’ll see if I’m in the same ball park with the price as you are. I think I’m going to be ahead on my end. I’m going to look at Craigslist for most of my stuff.

  5. Fun video! My son is currently 3 months old and I'm hoping he'll be interested in cars so we can do this one day!

    Moreover, I just bought my first Jeep (ZJ) and this video is quite helpful. I'm going to be tackling my steering and sway bar components as soon as I can afford the parts. Thanks!

  6. TrailRecon Great work! Watching this whole series now. Very enjoyable, easy to watch, and love the music! Death wobble cure = new track bar bushings and stabilizer strut!

  7. I'm curious as to why you didn't use polyurethane bushings instead of the rubber bushings? I am having the same wobble when I get around 50 mph. I recently acquired a 2000 Jeep xj that I had bought for my son about 4 years ago. He bought him a new car and returned the Jeep to me. I am going to do mostly the same conversion you did. So your videos will come in handy. I have one son left at home that is 14 and more than likely this will be his car when he turns 16. He is the last of 5 sons the oldest is 15 years older than the youngest. I liked that you do things with your boys that educates them on trying things for themselves instead of letting someone else do the work. It gives them confidence to at least try things for themselves and not be intimidated to do it alone. I do have a feeling my youngest won't want the Jeep though. And if that is the case I will keep it for one of my 5 grandchildren. Or keep it myself and use it for camping and trails.

  8. Great vid.. just got my 16 year old his first Cherokee.. waiting on lift kit etc.. Sway Bar Bushings are basically GONE…. gonna order some up…

  9. I’ll be replacing all my bushings on my 32 year old XJ should be fun haha previous owner seemed to have only done oil changes it had the stock from factory injectors and renix ignition coil lol amc calipers you name it, it’s 32 years old going through and doing a mechanical restoration basically lol gotta love it though two tone cordovan and silver what caught me was the pristine interior

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