Top 10 Best Used Cars for Under $5000 That You Can Buy Today

( ) Top 10 Best Used Cars for Under $5000 That You Can Buy Today

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  1. Another car that shouldn't be over looked is the Nissan sentra – from the years of 1995 ton 1999. 1.6 liter 16 valve dual over head cam. with timing chain not a timing belt. only minor issue is the air conditioner pump, if not properly shielded can be a pain as the bearing in the belt pulley can go bad- but is fixable

  2. These guys are freaking joke. Offroad vehicle get used 4runner, land cruiser lx470, gx470, Tacoma Subaru, old willys jeep . Commuter anything Toyota newer Kia Hyundai maybe Subaru ( watch out head gasket)

  3. The Land Rover Discovery had transfer case issues too! I don't think they'd be all sorted out at 150,000 miles either, they're usually being sold because of repair issues.

  4. an 88 xj 4door for sale right now in LA 72k with a manual in mint but a dealer has it for 15K he has a bunch of xj's all cherry. Private party with 5 grand you can find a decent one, tough many of them are rough.

  5. Not exactly impressed with this list. I usually watch Leno/DeMuro/Hoovie and just stumbled upon you guys because I am in Colorado as well and thought I should check you out. But this list is a terrible display of vehicles that in fact no one should buy with a couple of exceptions. A Volvo of that era is not reliable thanks to Volvo still trying to figure out how to minimize Ford's impact on making everything as cheap as possible. Very safe car yes, reliable no. The Range Rover Discovery and the Audi A4, you can't be serious!? I agree with a previous comment, if you only have $5000 to buy a car, you won't be able to afford the upkeep on any of these cars. Maybe you didn't find better cars in the Denver Craigslist for that price at the time that are reliable yet fun cars? I'll take any video from you guys with a grain of salt (and dear god your Truck vs car in snow review had so many issues too that didn't result in a thorough test) from now on since you don't really seem to know neither all that much about cars nor what it is like for normal people to afford maintenance and repairs. The Jetta, really!? Do you know that a lot of VW Golf and Jetta owners buy code readers on Amazon just so that they can figure out what the daily occurring codes are for most of these cars? If you own one you have to buy one of those to know whether you need to actually bring the car to a mechanic or can ignore the faulty error code. I currently know two Jetta owners. One purchased a code reader herself, and I had another one that connects to a phone via Bluetooth that the second one was very happy to get his hands on. They are terrible cars and should only be in a list of "Cars that you buy people whom you dislike".

  6. LOLOLOL, stay on your "Initial" reviews guys. Not everyone is as rich as you. Plus, I hate seeing my mechanic, so I will stay away with a lot of what you said.

  7. Full sized cars that have a full frame and a V-8.  I'm always looking for super low millage like new cars that have good reputations for being tuff.  I go over everything then drive it for years.

  8. My choices would be the Cherokee, 4Runner, Volvo and Subaru. The Cherokee first and foremost due to the cost of parts, ease of working on them myself, fuel economy, storage and usable space, reliability, cost to maintain, ease of modifying. I've known various Ford, Dodge and Chevy trucks, suvs, vans, etc., especially the trucks and vans to get over 500,000 miles out of them, even with the 6 cylinder engines. Same thing with the Cherokee, Volvo and Subaru, with the 4Runner having some pretty close mileage numbers as well. If you can have a vehicle last 700,000+ miles, you've got something there to keep. You have to maintain any vehicle properly, but those four among all of these I've seen are the best, but the Cherokee, Volvo and Subaru I've heard people just rave about them compared to so many others. On the modifying end, I like to modify for off-road use, but especially increased performance as well as fuel economy (I have NEVER been satisfied with what automakers do and I have regularily increased fuel economy of every vehicle either I have ever owned, my parents when they were alive or others I've helped through the years by no less than 10-35% and sometimes more.) and I like to have both of the latter because I like to have my cake and not only have it look pretty but to eat it as well; kinda like I like my women! Plus, like with most of the vehicles I've ever had, I like to brag a little about something I can be proud of to a degree, such as getting 30+ mpg out of my Chrysler Imperial, over 45mpg at times with my Horizon or Omni, all while going faster. I especially love it when people say "I bet that eats a lot of gas!" and to be able and reply "Well, directly how it was made, yeah. But I've since modified it and it gets almost as much fuel economy as some 4 cylinder vehicles out there and better than most V6's!"

  9. One of my mechanics owns an A4 and an A6, and even he can't keepem on the road. I Worked with Doctors for thirty years, and Rovers were not uncommon. Very unreliable! Seatbelt buckles, door handles inner and outer, buttons, etc., Junk!

  10. If you are recommending good cars, there is no way you should suggest any Audi or land rover discovery. They are SO unreliable! And a jeep as the #1 car was nuts. They are so overpriced for what you get – way better off getting an old chevy blazer for $ 1000 then spend another $2K ON fixing it. Or a mitsubishi montero. The rest of your suggestions aren't bad but the bad ones were so terrible!

  11. I think the 92-96 Buick Roadmaster should be on the list. The iron head LT1 5.7L/350CI engine, 4L60E trans. Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, Impala SS, Caprice of the same year have the same engine. Very fun vehicles. The LT1 is a very underrated engine

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