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Ford Endeavour 3.2 4×4 AT vs Toyota Fortuner 2.8 4×4 AT

The Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner have been two of the most important SUVs in the country for the longest time now. While the Endeavour was hugely successful, it was the Fortuner that ruled the full-size premium SUV space for the longest time. With the new Endeavour, Ford has plugged all the gaps to ensure its new generation SUV impresses buyers with varying needs. It now comes equipped with a bigger, more powerful 3.2-litre engine, gets terrain management system to ensure it can tackle the roughest of terrains. Of course, it is more engaging to drive, apart from offering great comfort to its occupants.

On the other hand, Toyota has just launched the new generation Fortuner, which is a quantum leap over its predecessor in every sense. It looks stunning, gets a more powerful engine under the hood along with a better, six-speed automatic transmission as an option. The new Fortuner also packs in a lot more technology, equipment and features than the version it replaces while offering a sportier feel inside out and better off-roading abilities. So the question is can the new Fortuner rule the segment like its predecessor? The best way to find out is to pitch it against the all-new, highly impressive Ford Endeavour.

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  1. I told my father to buy endeavor but he take fortuner now iwant to say the fortuner is 1.uncomfortable car cause back pain for Front seaters are not so good and time to time need repair
    3.miLeage is to low 5 to6 but company tells 10
    4.not smooth for driver aswell
    5. According to price car is not giving results simpaly they cheated their costumers by their company logo and even I have Scorpio which is more comfortable the price is 34 but the car deserves 150000 buss itna hi aukad hai gari ka

  2. I own neither. But my first impressions is that Endeavor clearly wins on the interior comfort side aspect. Whereas, the Fortuner wins on the exterior looks aspect. I was also looking on some really extreme off-road tests, and it seems that the Fortuner performs better due to a better traction system I saw it was able to maneuver and climb that 45 degree sand / mud steep. I had the impression that in an Armageddon-like driving conditions the 4×4 Fortuner survives better. However, I would think, that on real-life not so extreme off-road conditions that the Endeavor is better. I know, it is ironic given that the Endeavor has a higher ground clearance but just take a look for yourself using the keyword "offroad test". Perhaps, there are some factors like the driver or just that one particular terrain condition.

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