Trailblazer Level Lift Kit DIY Install : Project StormTrooper

Project StormTrooper budget build continued. Last 2 lift kit videos were kinda popular so lets do another Leveling Lift Kit install. the cheapest trailblazer / envoy lift kit on ebay! it was only around $55 USD which fits the budget lol. the 2″ front strut spacers actually provide a solid 3″ of lift up front due to LCA radius geometry, and the rear perks up exactly 2.5″ with simple coil spring spacers.



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  1. Hey man nice blazer . I gotta 2009 envoy I bought from a gov auction that was mostly stripped then bought a 08 blazer that was wrecked and transferred everything including the engine .. so I’m pretty familiar with them now lol . Feel free to pm me

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