Twin-Engine Off Road Cadillac Eldorado 4X4 – Dirt Every Day Ep. 56

Dirt Heads Fred Williams and Dave are headed to Palm Springs, California, for rest and relaxation after all of their adventures, but to get there in style they’ll need a vehicle that epitomizes success, a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado. Since a Cadillac is great on the road but not the best in the dirt, they’ll first need to modify it, because Dirt Heads don’t do asphalt. After a few days in the shop, they’ll transform the car into a 1,000ci, dual-engine, all-wheel-drive luxury land yacht on Maaxis Tires ( and hit the dirt roads to the desert vacation spot in the ElDIRTrado.

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  1. Ok that was cool with dirt tires and all. My dad's friend did the same to a tornado b.i.t.d.

    But that white carcass is still a lady and you respect a lady. Man dragging that made me cry.

  2. lots of comments about 16.L and only couple hundred horses, then compairing it to a bugatti…veyron has billions of dollars and years of engineering by hundreds of engineers for 1 motor. not to mention 4 turbo' weighs as much as the 2 motors in this and is useless unless your driving it on a track.. to compare the 2 is idiotic..these cadillacs were meant to cruise around at the speed limit comfortably could build 3 of these cars for 1 set of tires on a rims.. %99 of you are wet behind the ears and never drove one of these or even a naturally aspirated quote #'s that have absolutely no bearing on a car's performance in any real life situation.. ,just a # that you think makes you smart..eugenics is a great idea if you just used stats. my nephew's had a hard time accepting my 52 year old ford, naturally aspirated, blew the doors off their hot hatches with their $1000's of after market parts and turbo's..a little hard to swallow when your father, uncles and grandfather are laughing at you..if i get stuck in the ditch your ricers are useless, please don't stop.. if you have a caddy stop! because you can actually get me out without destroying your car..if i'm stuck over night i'll sleep in this over any european car including any rolls royce or bugatti.. little sheep following around a retarded herder. cheerleaders taking banking advice from a football player failing math..

  3. hhhhm, well, you can't win them all. It didn't seem much more effective than before the conversion considering the initial 'getting stuck' was intentional.

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