2016 Ford Ranger 2.2 XLS 4×4 Review

The introduction of 2.2-litre TDCi double-cab automatic Ranger derivatives has created a stir in the bakkie market, because the XLS 4×4 appeals strongly to family vehicle buyers who want a vehicle with off-road ability, the convenience of a self-shifting transmission, but can’t afford one of the 3.2-litre versions. correspondent and Consumer Awards judge Juliet McGuire gets to grips with the mid-spec Ranger to see if it offers enough refinement and specification to warrant consideration over its bigger brothers. It’s worth keeping in mind that Ford is unique in offering its smaller turbodiesel double-cab with 4×4 and in automatic!



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  1. I'll take the XLT 3.2.. Much better SPEC and Goodies in the cabin, and not heftily priced like the Wildtrack which has stitching and a UK 230V power plug. Yes a UK one!!!!

  2. You and Ciro are doing awesome work on this channel. This is the only South African car review programme I watch. I can not stand Ignition and at least RPM is okay though.

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