2016 Triumph Tiger XCX vs. BMW F800GS | Comparison Test Ride Review

We put the 2016 Triumph Tiger XCX against the classic BMW F800GS to see which is the best middleweight adventure bike.

Both the Tiger XCX and the F800GS have the same specs: a 21 inches front wheel, similar wind protections, similar chassis and electronics. But there is one big difference: the engine. While the #BMW uses the 800 cc parallel twin, the Triumph has a 800 cc inline-three cylinder power plant.

To see what these bikes are capable of, we tested them both on curvy roads and off-road. The Tiger XCX was fitted with Continental TCK 80 tires, while the F800GS’ tires were Michelin Anakee II.

So, which is the best middleweight adventure motorcycle? The new Triumph Tiger XCX or the BMW F800GS. Join us to find out!

Also, check out our 2016 #Triumph Tiger XCX Test Review on
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  1. Nice video I rode them both when searching to replace my R1150GSA. Ended up with the Africa Twin based on the deal I got. I will keep it until Yamaha gets of its ass and gives us a 750 Tenere.

  2. I am currently busy deciding between these exact 2 bikes…..will be used mainly for tarmac and the odd off road excursion ….so I would assume the Tiger is the better option?
    Nice reveiw by the way…will subscribe

  3. I had a 2012 BMW F800 GS Triple black…too much vibration above 5,000 rpm. Now have a 2016 Tiger XCx. I agree that the BMW was a better off road bike due to lower center of gravity and bottom end torque. The Tiger is still good off road but much better on road. I love the WP suspension on the Tiger. And the engine in the Tiger…OMG! so smooth. No vibration. I had Heidnaues on the BMW and now also on my Tiger. Awesome bike!

  4. Great video and still somewhat relevant, considering I'm looking at these very models and I'm very torn which one to buy.There's no doubt I'm biased and I love the BMW. I've always wanted that. I like the looks, the brand, etc. The truth is, I'll be doing the majority of my riding on paved roads, going long distances. The Tiger seems better suited for that. I was actually shocked the other day to learn that neither the F800GS or the F700GS don't have cruise control. When you're trying to cover 500 km in one day, trying to get from the prairies to the Rockies, having to hold the throttle continuously is really really annoying. For this reason alone the Tiger seems like a more adequate bike for my type of riding, nevermind the seemingly better engine. Mersi de video baieti!

  5. I've wanted a BMW for a very long time, but after reading, watching YouTube reviews and speaking with friends, I decided that the Triumph Tiger would be a better all around motorcycle for me. I ended up buying a Tiger Triumph XCx. I'm looking forward to the warm weather to do some touring. At first I'll stick to the paved road and some gravel, but as I get more comfortable and experienced I'll try some more challenging off road trails. Thanks a bunch for the review!

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