2017-2018 Honda Ridgeline | The GOOD and the BAD | The MOST complete review: Part 5/8

2017-2018 Honda Ridgeline | The GOOD and the BAD | The MOST complete review: Part 5/8

Here is the fifth part of our famous “Most complete review EVER” of the 2017 Honda Ridgeline! THERE IS MORE TO COME! Feel free to share us what you want us to show you!

2017 Honda Ridgeline

1st Part: Exterior Walkaround

2nd part: Interior Walkaround

3rd part: Specs and Road handling

4th part: Compare Truck | Honda Ridgeline 2017 VS Toyota Tacoma | Chevrolet Colorado | GMC Canyon | Nissan Frontier | Ford Ranger | Mitsubishi L200

5th part: The good and the bad!

6th part: Diagonal and Offroad test

7th part: 0-60mph / 0-100kmh

8th part: Rolling Shots

Recently we had the chance to test drive the newly redesigned 2017 Honda Ridgeline Touring version! There is not a lot of choices out there when it come to compact pickup truck. But with the newly redesigned Honda Ridgeline you get: superior road handling with the independent rear suspension, a unique two-way tailgate, and large lockable in-bed truck, radio speakers in the box and a comfortable truck! With so many new features, you can forget about the old Honda Ridgeline! The Honda Ridgeline is so good that it received the prestigious “2017 North American Truck of the year” award!

– Model Tested: Honda Ridgeline Touring (CAN) / Honda Ridgeline RTL-E ( USA )
– Engine: 3.5-litre, 24-valve, Direct Injection, SOHC, i-VTEC V6
– Power: 280hp @ 6000 rpm / 262lb-ft @ 4700 rpm
– Transmission: 6-speed automatic transmission with Grade Logic Control
– AWD: Intelligent Variable Torque Management (i-VTM4) AWD system / Intelligent Traction Management System (Snow/Sand/Mud)
– Wheels: 18″ aluminum-alloy wheels with P245/60 R18 105H All-season tires
– Brakes: Power-assisted, ventilated front disc/solid rear disc brakes
– Fuel Economy ( L/100km): 12.8L ( City ) / 9.5L ( Highway)
– Price: 36,590$ – 48,590$

– Toyota Tacoma
– Chevrolet Colorado
– GMC Canyon
– Ford Ranger
– Fiat Toro
– Mitsubishi L200

So check out our 5th part of THE MOST COMPLETE review EVER of the 2017 Honda Ridgeline!

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  1. the older ridgeline looked tough this new one wussy truck go back to old design at least it stood out from the crowd very boring looking not sure what Honda was thinking

  2. Ordered my Ridgeline in June, 2016. Arrived at the dealer in mid-August. Ridgeline RTL-T AWD…white with tan interior. It has 15,000 miles on it now and I just got back from Denver, a 1,600 mile round trip. I averaged 24 miles to the gallon using the economy setting whenever I got out of larger cities. Set the cruise at 80mph on 75mph highways….a little higher in Colorado with their 80mph speed limit. I traded in a 2012 Tacoma two wheel drive with right at 100,000 miles on it. The Ridgeline is nicer on the inside, a smoother ride, and I love the trunk and I opted for the storage box under the back seats. Lots of room and I am very happy with my investment. For you haters who think only people who do "real work" need to drive a truck…kiss my a$$. I work as hard as anyone. I like the convenience of having a truck and the Ridgeline fits my needs perfectly.

  3. I enjoyed your video and I own a 2017 Ridgeline, I got it about 3 months ago and I absolutely love it. I have owned several Tacomas, and a SIlverado and the Ridgeline is the best from the others, It's big inside, midsize outside and drives like a dream.

  4. This truck is not really designed for offroad enthusiasts. This truck is for those who want a comfortable, easy on fuel daily driver that has the capacity to occasionally carry things, tow loads within the specified range, and be competent for use on snow covered or wet road conditions with the AWD. Those who criticize it saying it isn't a real truck are missing the point of this vehicle. For my personal needs, this truck is ideal. If you are the type of guy who needs a rugged truck to prove your a real guy, you may have other issues, just saying.

  5. I bought two 2017 Ridgelines. (First one "blown" into sitting at a stop light by a 16 year old whose Dad says she was not texting, Yah, right.) Anyway, both were great trucks with plenty of power and so quiet. MPG averages 22.5 so far for all miles. Needless to say I like the Ridegeline (I bought another after smash………) but there are a few things needing attention. Here goes:

    The infotainment system is SOOOOO SOOOOOOO SLOW. Almost like a 20 year old PC full of bugs And it intermittantly fails to recognize cell phones already paired up. Such an easy fix this seems but, alas, not good.

    The armrests are skinny and cheap……..come on Honda. Why or why did you do that?

    The back up camera picture is dull and grainy. I have a Subaru that is twice as good.

    Firestone tires seem fine but my 2012 RIdgeline had Michelins. I trust Michelins more…….

    Conclusion: I would buy another but hope for the improvements needed.

  6. If you were honest, the grade would be 9.5.. I say this because I have owned every brand of truck in America and some dumps.over the last 50years,whoa. The Honda is the best mid size truck period ! And too many are just glorified rides. When I was knee-high to a grasshopper . My grandfathers pick up trucks had a starter buttons on the floor. Just saying. P.S. if it has a bed in the back it’s a pick up period !

  7. I have an 08. As far as I'm concerned they ruined the truck's unique look and ya, the tires suck, the biggest complaint on Ridgeline forums were about the Ridgeline tires being too small and Honda, like most manufactures simply didn't listen. Oh, and that stereo needs knobs. When you're driving you can't screw around with buttons that are unresponsive to boot.

  8. The bad: everything between the front and rear bumpers. The good: when you get your balls back from your wife and go buy a real truck.

  9. I'm glad the bed of the Ridgeline isn't as deep. Almost every other truck out there you can't reach the floor of the bed. I can touch in the Canyon, Colorado as long as it's not the ZR2. You say the bed floor is high…compared to what? A 2WD midsize? The floor is high to hide the spare and trunk. Try getting a spare out from under the bed when there's over an inch of ice covering everything. Wait, maybe you can mount the spare in the bed, right? But then you can't reach it without climbing in. I think the bed is perfect. You can even lay a plywood sheet basically flat in it. Try that in other midsize pickups. Rant over.

  10. Honda gave it a real volume knob for the 18 model, as for tires you can go to a shop and put whatever tires you need on it. The ridgeline was designed as a daily driver truck, not another I can do anything better than you pickup. Number one in the plus column it's a honda and it will be completely reliable

  11. Don't call people who don't use low range, "city people". My town has pop 4500. Lived on a dirt road with heavy winters and mud season for 35yrs. Drove a truck my entire adult life and have used low range a handful of times. If you're rock crawling, buy a Razor. There isn't a road vehicle built today that is half as good as anything from your nearest Polaris dealer.

  12. In general the Ridgeline is very good. Although the Ridgeline has a very nice steering wheel the worst part by far is the dashboard/controls. The dashboard is poorly designed and is VERY unattractive. Totally not sure how Honda could mess this up so badly. I also do not like the push button shifter, although thankfully you can get a standard console shifter on lower trims. The same is true for the Honda Pilot, which has the same dashboard/shifter. Hopefully at the mid-cycle refresh, Honda will redesign the entire dashboard/instrument cluster with knobs, standard dials for the tacho and speedo and just a much more traditional layout so that I can buy a Ridgeline or Pilot.

  13. The Ridgeline is not a real truck period ! I want to see it haul a 12,000 lb skid loader up a mountain with 3000 pounds in the bed like my GMC Sierra can. The Ridgeline is a tinker toy. It would be funny to watch the power train fall apart trying though.

  14. This is a great "truck" if you never tow anything, never haul anything heavy in the bed, don't need a customizable bed, don't mind a weak V6, don't need any ground clearance, and don't need real 4×4.

  15. With the re-design, the Ridgeline now looks like a truck. Safety ratings from NHTSA are very good. Love the spare being in the trunk-like storage space under the bed. Honda's radios do tend to have far too many buttons and are cumbersome to use while driving. The variable cylinder element of the engine is something that it could do without. If it has 6 cylinders, they need to be working all the time.

  16. he states he's an off road guy, yet he doesn't realize that those tires would perform better on sand compared to an off-road tire; which is the example they showed in the video. If that truck had 4×4 and not AWD it would actually climb up that hill

  17. I cross shopped the Ridgeline, Tacoma, F150 and Tundra and ended up with the Ridgeline. IMO, this is the perfect vehicle for me. Good mpg, don’t need a tool box taking space in the bed, can haul 4x8s, comfortable, excellent reliability, can throw a deer in the back, pull a boat and pickup supplies for landscaping/homeowner projects.

  18. Actually, I need low range for going off road. Most of the reviews I see of the Ridgeline "off road" is some put together off road park. It's never going to be a Tacoma TRD off-road or a Jeep Rubicon but then again it was never meant to be. I get a kick out of the comparisons, the Tacoma is a totally different type of truck and with the Off Road package even more so, it has crawl control and a rear locker. I am a fan of both trucks. I think for people who do not need the full off road capability then a Ridgeline is the way to go. IT works great in snow, can do fairly well off road (better if it had better tires and perhaps a bit more ground clearance) its more comfortable and actually watching this video of it in the sand it did better than the Chevrolet Canyon 4×4.
    I love my Tacoma for what it is…but someday when I don't go play deep in the back woods the Ridgeline is on the list. Finally, you can buy a fully loaded Tacoma or Ridgeline for like $20,000 PLUS less than a full size truck …oh and both will last longer and have better resale value.

  19. Test the truck with offroad tires then you can complain. Road tires never test well in off road and make the Honda look poor when you test it with normal tires. I use a good all terrain offroad tires on my ridgeline and she dose awesome i ever had her in water with allmost half the truck in water and some coming over the hood in water crossing never had any problems.

  20. Well the majority of people that own a truck never take it off road if they do it's a dirt road or a dirt parking lot to go to the game.. mabey camping.. but really who goes rock climbing or mudding in a non modded truck.. This thing is bone stoke. it has street tires for god sakes.. I bet if you put a lift kit on it and put on some aggressive tires on it , it will perform just fine.. But this is a street truck not an off road truck.. if you want off road get a toyota. That is an awesome off road truck, now it does suck on the road. But the Honda is awesome on the street.. But if you think about it, you drive on roads about 99% of the time. Well atleast most of us do. I have a toyota Tacoma. If I had to do it all over I would get the Honda. It just makes more sense

  21. I have the 2017 Ridgeline. I put in a 2 inch lift on the front and replaced the tires with Nitto all-terrain. I really like it with these two small changes. Lifting the front is a must for clearance and appearance. These Nitto tires are also better in snow and mud, and it makes the truck look a bit more aggressive. Once these wear out, I'll probably replace them with BF Goodrich all-terrain tires.

  22. My brand new 2019 Honda Ridgeline AWD Truck is giving me 14.5 mpg, so far driven 175 miles. It says on paper it gives 18 city and 25 highway 21 avg. What's going on!!!! Does it has to break in and if so how long it takes to improve the mileage. Can anyone help please!!!

  23. You are so wrong about the Ridgeline… It does not need the low range, It is not intended to be a rock crawler, it already has Terrain Mode changer that has proved to be very effective.
    Also, it proved to be more durable in a Death Valley dirt road than a Tacoma TRD with off road package. Find it by yourself.
    Also, the towing capacity was already tested and it was as claimed by Honda. It is not an "urban" pick up. It is by far the most versatile pick up truck in the market.

  24. I bought a 2019 RTL-E and love it so far. That lane keep assist is kind of a pain in the ass, but I'll get used it I'm sure. Just went over 800 mile on it today

  25. I think it is a nice truck. I find people are too quick to judge Honda as a yuppie car I have a 2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara that I do some off roading with and a Honda Element AWD. I have owned 3 Suzukis and 3 Honda SUVs and yes the 4×4 on the Suzuki has its advantages but the Element/CR-Vs with aggressive tires (Hercules LT M+S not sure the model i picked them because of the pattern) fairs out pretty good too. The down side is ground clearance ( 2 inch lift kit soon). But I am not mud bogging or rock climbing in the Outback. I just like to trail ride, camp and explore. Just pick what fits your budget and enjoy the smiles per gallon. Everything else is just blah blah blah! I like my cars I bought them for me!

  26. The audio volume control is not an issue. In the video the speaker kept tapping the +/- symbols but actually you can just tap the volume bar which shows the volume level. That bar has a much bigger surface area. The volume can also be conveniently controlled by the steering wheel's audio button.

  27. The lower trim Ridgeline is FWD. You have to upgrade to AWD Why? they shot themselves in the foot. Even if the simple models are 2WD make it RWD like their competitors. Anyone agree with me?

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