2017 Chrysler Pacifica – Review and Road Test

Forget the Chrysler Town & Country, literally. Instead, feast your booster seats on the completely redesigned Pacifica. This minivan vaults Chrysler from last place into a strong contender for best-in-class. Find out why with KBB’s Micah Muzio.

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  1. Some people see the pacifica as a cheesy, family vehicle. To me, it seems like the ultimate road trip car. You have plenty of room for friends and their stuff. If you needed too, a couple people could sleep in it, because you have that much room. It's easy to drive all day. It's awesome.

  2. You're one of the only car reviewers that makes me laugh outloud. Koodos for getting the job done brilliantly and being entertaining at the same time.

  3. We love our Pacifica but This will be the last chrysler that we buy or lease. We have a 2018 limited. The uconnect is unpredictable……works sometimes…. Other times it freezes… They can't fix the issue..

  4. I own a pacifica and my only issue is that if you try to accelerate when moving, your transmission takes over a second to decide to shift down…i wouldn't call it a slushmatic but its pretty bad

  5. We had the 2017 Pacifica and within the first year and a half of having it, it developed transmission issues. It was a great van otherwise, but I no longer trusted it.

  6. @1:56 ya'll are some skinny dudes so in pretty sure my family couldn't even manage to fit 2 in the 3rd row and not even myself, being that I'm the "skinny" one

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