4wd/AWD diagonal and offroad TEST : 2017 Ford Escape | THE Most Complete review Part 6/7

4wd/AWD diagonal and offroad TEST : 2017 Ford Escape | THE Most Complete review Part 6/7

Here is the sixth part of our famous “Most complete review EVER” of the 2017 Ford Escape! THERE IS MORE TO COME! Feel free to share us what you want us to show you!

2017 Ford Escape Playlist:

1st Part: Exterior Walkaround:

2nd part Interior Walkaround:

3rd part: Specs and Road handling

4th part: Compare SUVS | Ford Escape VS Honda CRV | Toyota RAV4 | Mazda CX-5 | Hyundai Tucson | Nissan Rogue

5th part: The GOOD and the BAD!

6th part: Diagonal and Offroad test

7th part: 0-60mph / 0-100kmh

8th part: Rolling Shots

Recently we had the chance to test drive the newly redesigned 2017 Ford Escape Titanium with the sport package! There is so many SUV’s out there that can make the choice complicated for serious buyers. Ford 2017, the Ford Escape receives a new style and more power, improved storage for the small item, and an updated multimedia interface called Sync3 ( one of our favorite! ). With the new Ford Escape, you have a lot of engine choice: a 2.5L iVCT I-4 with 168hp, a 1.5L EcoBoost I-4 with 179hp and the strong 2.0L Twin-Scroll EcoBoost with 245hp! Don’t forget to use premium fuel!

– Engine: 2.0L Twin-Scroll EcoBoost, Direct injection
– Power: 245hp @ 5,500 rpm / 275lb-ft @ 3000 rpm
– Transmission: 6-speed SelectShift automatic
– AWD: Intelligent 4WD
– Wheels : 19” Ebony Black-Premium Painted Aluminum Wheels
– Brakes: Ventilated Front Disc / Solid Rear Disc Brakes
– Fuel Economy ( L/100km): 11.5L ( City ) / 8.7L ( Highway)
– Price: 24,999$

– Honda CRV
– Toyota Rav4
– Mazda CX-5
– Hyundai Tucson
– Jeep Cherokee
– Kia Sportage
– Nissan Rogue

So check out our 6th part of THE MOST COMPLETE review EVER of the2017 Ford Escape!

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  1. Bought my wife a new one last year and have been thoroughly impressed with how composed it was with our Alaskan winters. The panel alignment is a joke and the doors sound cheap when closing, but beyond that it gets phenomenal gas mileage and has an amazing AWD system. This is coming from a long time Subaru guy too.

  2. Really great work thank you for these videos, for those of us in the 4-season world your videos can be the determining factor–traction in rough moments and the occasional forest road is essential and yours make it clear what a vehicle can and cannot do. Thank you.

  3. Honestly this looks just as good as the Subarus, maybe even better. It seems like it's less jerky when transferring torque. And the engine doesn't have to race as much because it has more low-end torque thanks to EcoBoost.

  4. You guys should really do this test with the 1.5 engine, which compares with the rest of your testers better. The 2.0 really only compares with the Subaru Forester 2.0 and the Hyundai/Kia turbos.

    Also, lets not forget that all-season tires grip great on this pavement, especially once warmed up, while they're not so good in freezing rain, sleet and snow, especially with low sidewall, wide tires that this 2.0 has.

  5. Amazing system, I have one. As soon as it detects a wheel spinning it cuts power and sends it the the ones with traction, as you can see in the video. Awesome car that i dont regret, just wish i had gotten brown instead of the lightning blue

  6. I am impressed! Work just gave me a 2018 Escape with the “Intelligent 4WD” system. My old work truck was a Nissan Frontier with 4×4 and it never got stuck! After seeing this video, I’m not worried about the new wheels. Thanks for putting it through the paces for me so I don’t have to! ?

  7. I have the 2013 Escape SEL that comes standard with the 2.0 and AWD. It is a good system, wish it had more user options. It has new tires and for the most part does a great job, even in the snow.

    But… My older SUV that my Escape replaced was a 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 4.7 and QTII. My Jeep's AWD system was better in nearly every way. I still have it as it is the only thing I own that can tow a decent sized trailer. And does it with ease. It may have 200k miles on it, but my Jeep just keeps ticking. Honestly have never driven a vehicle that handles better in the snow either. The Ford gets close. But wish it had a mode to keep 4WD on all the time like the Jeep already does. The ford will go into FWD mode even if you would rather keep the rear wheels powered, no user options to control it. But it so far has done a good job at keeping up.

    I've driven a few AWD cars in the past that the action of the AWD kicking in made it almost unsafe, like the Honda CRV. Where you are already sliding and the rear wheels kick in and it jerks the entire car, and the does very little to help as it was very weak. Very crappy AWD system on those old CRV's.

    I love Subaru's. But there is a reason why they never test them next to Jeep's, or even the Escape. They both have systems that are equal or even better.

    The Ford is a blast to drive though. The Steering is so nice and responsive for an electric system. The 2.0 is Quick, and the driving experience just screams sporty. Considering my Summer car is a MX-5, the Escape is a perfect alt. The Subaru Forester I test drove when I was looking at SUV's was not sporty and the engine was not quick. The Chevy's should be avoided as well, the 2.4l is weak and prone to eating oil and stretched timing chains.

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