4×4 Test: Toyota Tundra / Diagonal and Auto LSD / A-Trac test!

4×4 Test: Toyota tundra 2016-2017 / Diagonal and Auto LSD / A-Trac test

The Toyota tundra 2016/2017 might not have a rear differential locker but can use Auto LSD and A-Trac features to help it acrross ditch or rough surface ! By the pressing of a button, the AUTO LSD system aids traction by using the traction control
system to control engine performance and braking when
one of the rear wheels begins to spin. The system can be used on 2WD models and in 2WD mode on 4WD models.

A-TRAC (Active Traction Control) for 4WD mode on 4WD models will maintains drive power and prevents all wheels from spinning when starting the vehicle or accelerating on slippery roads.

Check out the test, we might need to find a bigger hill for trucks! Next test, the Toyota Tundra TRD PRO version? 🙂

Spécification 2017 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Platinum 4×4
– Engine: 5.7 Litre i-FORCE, V8, Double overhead cam, 32V
– Power: 381 hp @ 5600 rpm / 401 ft-lbs. @ 3600 rpm
– Transmission: 6-speed shiftable automatic
– 4WD: 4WD High-Lo, Auto Limited Slip Rear Differential
– Wheels :20″ Premium Aluminum Alloy Wheels with 275/55R20 Tires
– Brakes: Front Ventilated Disc Brakes / Rear Ventilated Disc Brakes
– Towing Capacity: 9490 lbs
– Payload capacity : 1180 lbs
– Fuel Economy(l/100km): 18.1L ( City ) / 13.9L ( Highway )

– Ram 1500
– Chevrolet Silverado
– Gmc Sierra
– Ford f150
– Nissan Titan

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  1. i have a 2016 tundra 4×4 and when im offroading a hear a crunching noice coming from under my shifting area. does anyone know why this is happening??????

  2. Toyota still has the design flaw in the HVAC system which allows Mold and Bacteria to grow, in the evaporator,
    call Toyota to document the problem, Still using Soy based insulation on wiring, still the mice problem
    Toyota : 800-331-4331

  3. it would seem to me with the research that I have done the axel is truly locked in 4×4 and there are at 2 wires going to the diff so I think that its an e-locker, if anybody who has actual knowledge of the diff and possibly has taken apart the Diff could you confirm that.
    please for the love of christ do not just say that it is a auto lsd and and an open diff without somehow explaining how that works with the wheels not spinning in 4×4 and they do in 2×4 even with the A-LSD turned on.

    if it is an e-locker is it possible to rig up a button to 24v or 12v to actuate it in 2×4 for better dirt drifting or other offroad/burnout uses?

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