BMW 1 Series 2018 hatchback in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

Can the BMW 1 Series compete against other luxury hatchbacks like the Audi A3, Mercedes A Class, and Volvo V40? It already sets itself apart from the crowd by featuring rear-wheel-drive. However, is this worth the extra cost that comes with the coveted BMW badge, or are cheaper rivals such as the Ford Focus better value? It is however, the cheapest BMW you can buy, so what does Mat Watson think? Have BMW compromised or maintained their high standards? Mat lets you know what he thinks in our 4k review!

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  1. Love my 125d. Quick, Comfortable, reasonably economical and fabulous auto.

    So sad this is going FWD. Market is flooded with FWD hatches and small SUVs. RWD was a real buying point.. I don't want complexity of 4WD or the steering corruption from having a powerful FWD car. Sadly there will be no more options left.

    I also have regular use of a Mk 7 Golf TDI 150. Golf is nice but I prefer the 1 series by some margin. It is also more comfortable.

  2. I have the bmw 116i . And it is lovely. Before bmw i had seat leon yes there was plenty of back space but the car was not fan at all. Who cares back space rather then driving experience?

  3. Chain cam belt. Every car engine under the German umbrella is chain cam belt. Should last the life of the car. But if the dreaded rattling starts….the bill could be as high as £2000.00. Head gasket gotta come off to get to the chain belt. Against a non-German made engine with rubber belt only costing around £250 to replace. That's the gamble with German (Skoda, Seat, Audi, VW, Mercedes, BMW). People get these cars with no care of the cost consequences if one of those goes horribly wrong.

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