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The BMW X1 may come in a small package, but it has sporty aspirations with a hint of luxury. The interior is based upon the 2 Series Active Tourer but, with added visibility in the form of a raised seat height. Does the X1 offer enough space however to outclass rivals such as the Audi Q3 and Mercedes GLA? Whilst it may have a sportier feel and therefore be more fun to drive, will the firm suspension sit well with passengers? Can it warrant its high price tag in comparison to rivals? Find out exactly what I think of the BMW X1 in this full in-depth video review.

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  1. The only thing missing in the review is the seats: I'm 176cm and 65kilos (so not big by any standards) and the seats are narrow and hard for me. Got a Passat as business car (I know, its completely different but the price tag is pretty much the same) and the seats in the BMW just hurt and don't compare on any level (i've got the xline with half leather sports seats or whatever it is, probably makes it even worse). Other then that, its a really, really good car and even the 18d (140hp) feels fast and really agile, handling is good and even a bit of fun. Engine much much quieter then diesel VWs. Tire roar a bit of an issue but you can get used to it. The interior looks small but you can fit loads of stuff inside. The onboard entertainment isn't cutting edge Volvo-type all-glass technology but its really easy to operate and does the job without being too obtrusive. Prefer that over the Volvo, honestly. Price isn't great: had Discovery Sport, Q3 and Tiguan on shortlist and this is small and expensive but the dealers just automatically reduce the tag price but aprox 10% which made it more acceptable (still more expensive then most competitors). A big benefit for me was no waiting time: in Central Europe there are loads of new ready-made cars across the specs range so you just choose the colour (blue is best for BMW).

  2. I drive one, and have not found problems. But I drive the X drive version, with automatic gear, so it drives different than the standard version. Only the seats could be more comfortable, in Audi and certainly Volvo they are better.

  3. My honest feedback: I hated this car! I've driven only 20+ different car so far and I rank the X1 at the lowest. Usually it takes me less than a day to get comfortable with any car but after a month of driving I am still constantly adjusting the seat trying to get a comfortable driving position. It has a lot of fancy but unnecessary features that makes it a terrible driving experience. Features like the "coast" and regenerative brakes makes the car behave differently depending on speed. At low speed the gas pedal is super sensitive and the engine-brake kicks in hard when you release just the slightest bit and the brakes makes it impossible to stop without the kickback. It's either a full-brake or you drift forward. The steering is hard, which is typical of BMWs, it is great for racing but for daily use it makes driving a chore. They justified all my complains in the manual with their "innovative technology", although it all sounds great in theory, it makes a terrible driving experience. It feels like they designed it on paper and just build and release it without actually trying to drive it long enough to see all its flaws. I'm not saying it's all bad but it's definitely a car you'll need to LEARN to get used to. My advise to anyone looking to buy this car: Test drive it long enough to feel comfortable driving it before you buy it, don't assume you'll get used it over time.

  4. I'm about to buy one with the adaptive suspension, but i'm hesitating to go 19" instead of 18" because of the suspension
    Can anyone tell me please if that would make a big change ?
    Thanks a bunch !!

  5. Front wheel based drive, looks like a Mazda, it’s on a mini platform rather than a 3 series platform, engine noise piped into the cabin, over 400 watts less stereo power for the same price, electronic steering vs old school hydraulic, slower than the old x1, 3 years maintenance vs 4 years… I prefer the old x1 which drove a ton better. Have fun flooring it… watch the steering torque steer on your front wheel drive BMW

  6. I like your reviews, but I can't understand everything. I think you should try to speak slower or with American-English accent, if your channel is n't only for the British people!

  7. I purchased the 2018 X1 in 2017 and absolutely LOVE it! Being 5' tall it is a perfect fit. My husband is 6'3 and has plenty of room as well. The x1 is sporty,fast and nimble! Getting lots of "nice car" comments gives one a sense of pride. BMW FOREVER!

  8. Hi Mat. I am buying this car x line bmwx1 in next couple of day and I have a question regarding comfort mode. So is the default mode a comfort mode or do you have to get "adaptive suspension" costing £390 to get the comfort mode?  But when I looked a the option list the adaptive suspension addition gives 2 options Sport mode and Eco/pro mode. It does not mention comfort mode. Also it says on the spec list that the addition of adaptive suspension lowers the car by 10mm. So is that what you mean by the adaptive mode must have feature?

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