COBI Connected Bike System Overview (Smartphone Integration, GPS Navigation, Advanced Lighting)

A representative from COBI was at Interbike demoing their latest system which was integrated into an IZIP E3 Protour. This is the first electric bike in North America with the integrated COBI system (the integrated phone bracket, front and rear lights and control pad). It’s an app-based system that allows people to update with software over time as new refinements are made and new features are added.

The rear light is wireless and responds as you brake (using a built-in accelerometer, it’s an additional sensor because not all phones have it), this is an update they are hoping to push out this Fall. It uses ANT+ and has a stand alone battery that lasts ~25 hours. I was impressed that the they have special phone mounts that actually charge your phone using the bike battery and that they also have generic mounts that use a micro USB and short wire to work with unique phones.

Steven Jan Overheul, a marketing manager for partnerships was the person who walked me through it all. Apparently COBI has shipped ~25,000 units in Europe, some of the founders have actually worked closely with the automotive industry, some employees had worked at Audi and the COBI headlight is inspired by some of those designs. I was told that the COBI App runs on both iOS and Android. You can make phone calls through the app, listen to music and one of the guys at the office was even experimenting with Pokemon Go! The phone case has some options for a silicon rain cover (at least for iPhone 6 right now). I was really impressed that the Protour is just $3,299 and it includes the COBI system and is a speed pedelec!

The COBI system also has an electronic bell, motion sensor alarm, low and high beams on the headlight, integrated charging with a micro usb port to work with android and iOS phones (based on the different dongles), has an integrated Bluetooth beacon to help you find stolen bikes. COBI offers a connected biking system which is designed to put the rider in touch with their bike in an intuitive way (using an easy to reach independent button pad). COBI is an award winning modular system that is built around a smartphone mount, biking app, navigation and weather, ambisense lighting system for safety and security with audible alerts. It fits phones up to six inches in size and includes an integrated rain cover. The system offers turn by turn navigation with audible feedback just like automobiles have. It’s compatible with Bluetooth wireless interface or CAN-Bus for wired control. It’s compatible with Android and iOS. You can learn more about the system at

COBI is offering retrofit kits for electric bikes with the Bosch system (including Active, Performance and CX). Other systems that currently support it are TranzX and Brose drives which require a pre-installation and cannot be done by end users themselves. COBI systems are sold from $249 for the most basic Sport model to $299 for the standard with integrated AmbiSense front light and $339 for the highest end Plus model which includes a rear light using wireless ANT+ signal to activate as you stop, using movement sensors in the head unit. What does COBI stand for? It stands for Connected Biking. The system can be navigated with touch screen but includes an independent button pad so you can use it without taking your hands off the bar. It works with Bluetooth headsets so you can use GPS navigation hands free. The goal is to make your ride as intuitive as possible and de-clutter your handlebars.



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  1. The sales guy is sooo bad. I feel like switching off immediately. Describes features that already exist elsewhere + does not know his own product weaknesses and else

  2. My one qualm with my COBI (and I'm speaking from a regular, pedal with your legs, non-ebike setup) is that when the battery pack is low on battery – it doesn't say anywhere "LOW BATTERY!" and instead just reads "cobi battery check" with the little cobi pinwheel moving around. It had me so confused while i was setting my cobi system up last night… I couldn't enter the horizontal interface (only the blue start menu would load where it talks about hitting play on your audio streaming service), and the front main light stopped turning on. After struggling with this for 15 minutes, it hit me that i should probably attempt charging the battery pack. The system is extremely cool and I can't wait to use it, but the app (and instruction booklets for that matter) COULD be a little more intuitive.

    With all that said, I'm excited as hell to leave work today and take my cobi to the streets for the first time!!!! I'm in Canada too, btw!

  3. After the disappointment that is Bosch Nyon (don't buy it!) I'd be curious to try this thing out. Having a Crysis voice in it would be cool. But I do have a question: what happens when the phone dies? Is there some sort of minimal control over speed modes?

  4. I'm really thinking to buy this bike. But I heard many costumer had problem with COBI to connect to Haibike Urban Plus 2017. Many time the motor is just turning off probably because lost connection with motor. So without phone is this Haibike not working? Is the reason this bike is on sale now? Please anybody respond to me!!!!!! (oh my phone is turning off in cold )

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