Dodge Dart Brake Caliper Noise

We deal with a variety of noise related concerns that can come rolling in to the garage. This Dodge Dart was no exception as an odd rattle was clearly evident from the front of the vehicle.

Driving over rough patches of road surfaces and speed bumps was when the culprit noise concern would rear its ugly head.
A simple road test over speed bumps and we were able to distinguish the rattle and isolate a general area from the wheels as to were it was coming from.

Getting the vehicle hoisted in the air we did quickly determine that the brake caliper was excessive in movement when not applying brakes. Now in most occasions as per the design of the brake caliper their will be some slight movement, but in this case, too much and subsequently the noise source.

Anytime we determine the source of a fault we will research information regarding technical service bulletins (T.S.B) as well as any potential open recall information. This allows us to ensure that we are not missing any updated designs to fix or more importantly make sure the repair is not a current RECALL candidate. It is important that you do the same before diving in to repairs.

There are many websites claiming Recall information ,however go right to the regulated source ,as there will be less ambiguity.

NHTSA Recalls for the Dodge Dart : (Type in the V.I.N; you can find on the drivers side inner door ; and the current recalls will populate)
There is a Recall regarding brakes for a brake booster concern, but not a brake caliper noise concern.

T.S.B for the Brake Caliper concerns : #SB-05-004-13
If YOU need a copy ( you in most occasions have to pay through various websites from what is currently out there) just contact me in the comments and I can send to you.

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  1. hi currently having a weird ringing whistle noise when car is moving mostly slower friend said sparks were coming from wheel area I'm thinking it might be caliper thoughts?

  2. Great vid. I'm hoping you can help out. I have a 2016 1500 sport model with the 8spd/hemi. I am hearing a rattle from the passenger side rear, possible the exhaust, but not 100% sure. It happens mostly on cold starts and the rattle used to go away somewhat as I drove and the truck warmed up. Now I hear it consistenly, especially over bumps. I haven't had this truck long, and started noticing this rattle as the weather got colder. What could this be? Again, it seems it is coming from the right rear of the truck, possibly behind and/or below the cab. Thanks again.

  3. I'm having this exact problem, thank you so much! After three misdiagnoses and tons of research I found your video. The front brakes rattle over bumps but the slightest braking pressure causes the to be quiet. Now just to get it fixed, would replacing the calipers entirely fix this? What's the best route that won't cost an arm and a leg? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also can I get that TSB? Thanks again.

  4. I got the same exact problem with mine its also a 2016 model and it makes that noise when I use the breaks and when I turn the wheels to both directions, but everything else is good the car is very smooth and fun to drive! thanks for the video man!

  5. My Car Recently Started Making A Grinding Noise Everytime I Would Drive, I Changed The Brake Pads The Rotors And It Kinda Stoped, Now I Only Hear Thr Grinding Noise Sometimes, Especially If I Go Over A Pot Whole, Also If I Have My Car Parked For A While And I Push It With My Hands Back And Fourth You Can Hear The noise, So Idk If It Can Be The Caliper Or Wheel Bearing?

  6. iv got a lancer thats making a noise over bumps but when you break a little it stops was thinking breaks but now ill check it out tomorrow and see if its the same as this dart, cheers for the video

  7. i have a 2013 dodge dart (same color as that one lol) but the back right wheel bearing is bad, it makes a lot of noise around 60, i need to replace it but im not 100% sure how. i brought it back to the dealership and they where gonna charge me $250 to fix it. i looked up the part online and its only $80, so i was gonna attempt to do it my self. any tips you could give me to help make this a bit easier on me?

  8. FIRST- Thanks for taking time to post your videos! So much help for people trying to diagnose. Similar issue for me on our 2012 Chrysler T&C. Doing a brake job… took caliper pins out to regrease and noticed 2 different styles being used: 1 standard pin, and 1 pin with a suspension bushing (not the caliper boots). The pin with the bushing is seized up on 3 of 4 of the wheels. Looks like no grease ever from the factory. The standard pins still had grease and move freely. Can you explain these pins with bushings… why they exist, how to lube them properly and should they slide freely likw the ones with no bushings? Ive searched the internet and no luck finding information. THANKS AGAIN FOR WHAT YOU DO! – Tony (Michigan)

  9. Hello! Sorry for bothering you. I have a similar play on my rear axle caliper on a Mitsubishi Lancer. I replaced the caliper sliding pins but the noise is still there. Caliper brakets can be repaired? I can't seem to find any after market ones as the original costs a fortune, I replaced both sides a year ago and the noise returned. I don't want to spend again 2 hundred dollars on a single bracket….I tend to think the quality is really poor… What should I do? The car is 3 year old, it's practically new….

  10. Do you have a part number for the updated design and did you have to change the whole caliper and caliper bracket or just the slide pins ? My wife's drivers side is making the same noise and we just replaced the brakes as the rotors were badly warped. Her car is a 2013 dodge dart rallye 1.4. Thanks for the awesome video. I always do my own work on my cars but this noise had me stumped. I believe it to be the same issue we are having.

  11. I actually called my dealership and asked about this issue and they tell me absolutely nothing. If you're able to give me the info needed to get this correct I'd appreciate it. Thanks

  12. My 2010 1.8L Vibe/Matrix rears are doing the same thing. I bought aftermarket slide pins Dorman HW14470 everything is bolted down but the caliper still moves. Are both guide pins suppose to have the rubber o-ring bushing at the tip or just one of them? The originals were pretty corroded so I tossed them and can't remember which has a bushing and/or which goes on upper/lower on the bracket?

  13. Hey guys ! Big issues with the Dart 2.4L caliper is very noisy and has tons of play they say it's just because there on gliders or something like that to me sounds almost like a bad sway bar bushing or link rod can I please get sent a copy of the bulletin

  14. I have this same problem on my Chrysler 300. I swapped the caliper for a new one I got at Autozone and its still got play in the caliper. Maybe it was just faulty, I guess I should warranty it out and see what happens. Awesome video man.

  15. Gosh I wish I was closer. Just picked up same model dart and all recalls and things haven’t been fixed on it…mom of 3 and I don’t want to die in it lol. Is there any way you could advise a DIY if the dealership won’t help?

  16. I am having this problem after replacing my rear caliper in my Honda Odyssey. It feels loose and rattles with normal driving. I don't get how that can happen with a new Raybestos Caliper. Would getting new pins fix the issue?

  17. Just put a brand new pads on my front tires I have a Volvo S60 2001 and it has a 175000 miles on it the brake pads were smoking on both sides I’m almost positive that the caliper is sticking

  18. Ok I ordered the parts related to the service bulletin yesterday and the parts came today. The parts did not come with new slide pins. I had a professional mechanic install the hardware which includes a caliper bracket, some springs, and bolts. There weren’t any slide pins included in the TSB. The noise is still there but not as bad, is this because they didn’t include new slide pins? Help please I’ve been living with this god awful noise for way to long. I’m in a 2013 Dart Mopar edition.

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