E-Glide GT Video Review – Powerful Off-Road Electric Skateboard

The E-Glide GT is a pioneer in the electric skateboard space, in business since 2003 offering a one year warranty and lots of custom options like slick tires, different colored decks and light weight Lithium batteries. Rugged design with metal battery box, canister style 800 watt motor and a smooth belt drive incased in a metal shell, you get precision power control with integrated regenerative braking. Large soft tires can be deflated for use on soft terrain like dirt and even packed sand or snow, strong but flexible deck is comfortable to ride and extra-wide trucks carve nicely. Expensive at $1,199 with heavy AGM Lead Acid batteries, single wheel drive may wear tread unevenly, heavy at ~76 lbs, wired controller is secure but less free feeling to hold.



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  1. Yes the future of e-transportation is getting more exciting each year 🙂 Dual motor models have been out for at least a year. This particular model is interesting because it is relatively less expensive given its power. I'd get one but there is no return policy, so I cannot try it out on the beach to see if I can "sandboard" with it or not. I'm also willing to wait for lithium prices to go down as I'd definitely go with lithium for the battery.

  2. Hey dude,

    I'm looking to buy some sort of electric vehicle. I'm struggling to decide on what I actually want, wondered if you could offer some advice. I'm a young guy who's looking for something fun, fast, portable and durable. Le me know if you're available to have a discussion! Thanks

  3. you need to make a dual motor and wireless controller, then i definitely buy this board, my number 1 pick is the baja board, then evolve carbon, then this one, if this was dual motor and wireless, then this one would be my number 1 pick

  4. Great guys over at E-glide. My favorite quote from Dave was " when a customers board is down and they need it fixed its like dealing with a drug addict going through withdrawals " they'll come into the shop and expect same day service. Hey man ridding one of their boards is the best therapy. Carving down the boardwalk with a good soundtrack to listen to, watching the sunset looking out at the waves you get into the grove and slip and slide without a care in the world. Blissfully all your worries just fade away.

  5. 1000 bucks for 18650 cells bullllllshittttttttt 2 grand for that thing nope thats about 400 bucks in lipos not 1000 dollars dont lie these companies lie and ripp off customers you can make your own board for like 500 bucks

  6. The people hating on this board dont realize its overall differences. Its heavier, it wont slide out from under you so easily, its aluminum so its built to last, its wired with a detachable cable safety feature which will stop the motor. Other boards are basically wood, plastic, or carbon fiber. Not built for heavier people. Will easily slide out from under you, unless its got very good wheels with grip. And its wireless. Unless it has a 5ft range to kill the motor, its a good option to get this. Then again, i dont see how spending $1,000 to $1,900 for a board is a good solution to transportation.

  7. No one wonders why you don’t see more about these boards ? It’s because the people who buy them do there research and do not get paid in any way other than pure joy in owning a product like this. This board is near indestructible. This board is designed to be a near “one time buy “ product. ‘ like a tractor ‘ this is not just a toy it is a tool and a beast. The owner prides himself in not paying people to “ boost” sales, pay reviews.. etc.. this item is a timeless piece of gear that speaks for itself with absolute no paid or peer to peer influence ,which is an absolute thing of beauty (if you ask me). See the light as I guide you to the truth. Be original ! We are talking the real deal here .., a true piece of art meets life and soul ! This is 100% served family style !

  8. Feb. 2018 I'll be in the five thousand mile range on my 42 special. For urban comute this thing has been awesome. But the real deal has been the service. New wheels, belts, bearings….. this guy answers the phone takes the orders. He's awesome. Thank you Dave for the awsonne product. No B.S. hype. Just something that gets me to work day after day on Miami beach and now in Denver Colerado. I use the eglide in the rain, the snow every day I go to work. For me, it's not a toy. It's just a tool to get to and from work. Dave, thanksyou for bringing e transportation to my life. Tim Svec

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