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Learn about the Hema HX-1’s hardware, specifications, home screen and on and off-road navigation programs with our device overview.

The Hema HX-1 Navigator is the ultimate on and off-road GPS navigation system, combining dedicated street and 4WD navigation to guide you anywhere in Australia.

Featuring Australia’s best topographic mapping, turn-by-turn navigation, the ability to connect with other travellers and over 45,000 campsites, caravan parks and other touring points of interest in a 7-inch multi-touch screen, it’s time to explore a new frontier with HX-1.



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  1. Nice job on the intro vid, makes an pleasing change to see a no BS introduction for a fresh product without the usual hype and hyperbole rampant through others. Good one HEMA! Love my HN-7 though, not sure if I'll be changing quickly ?

  2. If its the same UI as the iOS app you can keep it, its horrible. I will keep my home made rugged tablet using Ozi and Hema maps. Also, stop using USB for power. They fail all the time when off the tarmac. And you guys don't seem to want to admit this issue. Its suppose to be a 4×4 device.

  3. Hi Hema Maps, are you working on a rear camera upgrade for the HX1? It seems pointless having two navigation devices one with a camera and the HX1…there is a high incidence of 4wds running over children in there own driveway. (please add a camera port?) Also is The HX1 able to be upgraded from a Mac? I'm keen on your product but these issues need to be addressed before I sign up. regards mark

  4. I have just returned from a 16,000km trip to WA with my new HX1. It is good as far as it goes but there are many inaccuracies e.g. tracks not on the HX1 , camp sites that do not exist. Caravan parks/camp grounds that do exst but are not on the HX1. The street nav has let me down a few times too. I found I had to run my 8" tablet with Ozi side by side with the HX1 to get reliable navigation. Overall though the HX1 is pretty good and I use it a lot (plus the tablet).

  5. I got one, but do not waste your money, the off road map disappear after a time, you have to upgrade at your cost, bullshit, not happy jane

  6. Even when this was released 2 years ago it was way under specd. 32gb restriction is dreadful. 480p video??. 5 mp camera? These are 10 years out of date.

    This also needs AMPS pattern standard mounting holes in the back to open up a whole world of mounting options that are so much better than what’s offered. This could be good, but it needs a massive upgrade at to still cost the same.

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