Honda CR-V | Connected Driving Experience

See how the Honda CR-V’s touch screen display can keep your family entertained and you connected – whatever the adventure. Discover more at

Personalised Home Screen | Personalise the Honda CONNECT touchscreen with your own photos. Your SUV will be a home from home when you’re out on the road by displaying pictures of your family and friends.

Internet Connectivity | By connecting your smartphone, via USB or Bluetooth®, you can access the internet easily through the Honda CONNECT system. Once connected, you can simply use the touch screen to navigate, scroll and browse – and even watch a film via HDMI.
Bluetooth® | Bluetooth® connection, with voice recognition, means you can access everything stored on your phone. You can make and receive calls easily through the audio system and for your very own in car entertainment, listen to your playlists without having to stop and handle your phone.

Garmin Navigation | With the Honda CR-V SUV you can boldly explore the unknown with our state-of-the-art, turn-by-turn car navigation system and, once you’ve reached your destination, the Garmin sat nav will guide you back home.

Bluetooth® Hands-Free Telephone | There’s no need stop the CR-V to use your phone if you need to have a conversation while driving. Hands-free enables you to talk to your contacts safely through the audio system.



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  1. How do I install apps on a 2018 Honda CRV EX-L? I press the app button on the info screen, there is ONLY a calculator, an app installer, and a download app. That is all. Where do I find apps to download and bring over to the car via a flash drive? Cannot find any websites with apps that work with this car? How can one browse the internet with no browser app either

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