Honda CRF250L Front Brake Pads Install How To Dual Sport Motorcycle

Its easy to install the brake pads yourself .
Check out CRFs Only for the Brake Pads.

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  1. I think you could have made it another 20 thousand miles on them. Your puppies seem to be happy, I bet Blake gave them to you. Dibs on the steak dinner. stay safe

  2. Another excellent install video my friend. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed week.
    This is an excellent video. Keep up the great work. I want this Zetta Hand Gaurds, if they make them for the Honda Africa Twin send me a link, I will need to buy some for my bike and the Brake and Clutch lever for my bike.
    Easy peasy, just like changing out mountain bike brake pads. quick and painless. Good job my friend.

  3. hello woodzman.. i am looking to get new tires for the the fall riding..I wanted to get your thoughts and ideas on the motoz's you have.. right now i have the IRC TR8 Battle Rally

  4. Hi Woodzman, your how to vid's are awesome! Maybe you could do a handle bar wrap around hand guard, a how to put inserts into end of grips, your how to's make it look simple…. keep it up, thanks
    Wa. State fan

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