How-To Change Brakes | 2013 Ford F-150 | D.I.Y

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Today I show you how to change the front brakes on a 2009 to 2013 Ford F-150/ SVT Raptor.

My father has had this truck since 2013 brand new, and has not yet changed the brakes until today. Before I started I checked the mileage at 138,753km. Not bad for original factory brakes if you ask me!



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  1. Kyle, good video, thanks. Couple of added tips, apply liberal amounts of brake clean to the new rotors as they'll come with shipping grease to prevent corrosion, use a 2lb or 5lb hammer to remove the old rotors, and torque the caliper brackets to 90ft lbs and the caliper pistons to 30 ft lbs, and apply copper grease to the backs of the pads to prevent squealing. I recommend purchasing the brake hardware kit, which comes with new rubber sleaves and the pad retainers…very inexpensive.

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