How to Replace Rear Brake Shoes in Toyota Yaris

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How to Replace Rear Brake Shoes in Toyota Yaris
How to Change Rear Brake Shoes in Toyota Yaris

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  1. This is not complete, you did not show how did you SEPERATE the RIVET from the shoe. I know the lever where the cable is attached is revited the the shoe. You did not show it here. When I bought the brake shoes,the lever and the rivets are not included? Are they supposed to be parts of brake shoes? What was included in my order (I ordered from is only a "u" shaped like a retainer . I guess I have to return the brake shoes if it is incomplete.

  2. Did you buy the brake shoes with the arm (that hold the brake cable) already riveted to the brake shoe? I can't replace the brake shoe on my 2010 toyota yaris because I don't know how to separate the arm (that hold the cable) from brake shoe because it is RIVETED. If it is riveted how do you remove the rivet awy from the shoe? Can I buy a brake shoes with the arm already attached?

  3. my hand break is loose and hora all the way to the top, I expected to need an adjustment but the hand break is not holding the car. what could it be?

  4. Old, I know but wanted to thank you for showing the, in my way old drum brake experiences, stepped notches for the adjuster part and how they face. I used another video to do my Gen II 2005 Prius rear drum (not disc) brakes and it didn't show that. It never occurred to me that there might be a notch and that it would be important to face it the right way. Fortunately, I'm experienced enough to leave the other side intact so I can check odd things like this and got it right.


  5. Hey your video was very helpful when I replaced the brakes on my 2014.

    Only problem is I hoped my handbrake would grab better after replacement but it’s still not biting like when it was new. If I’m on a hill facing downward and put the car in drive it lurches forward.

    Can you offer some advice on what I can adjust to bring it back to new when it would be locked up right in about 5-6 clicks.

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