HUDWAY Glass unboxing and hands on (Head-Up Display)

HUDWAY Glass (Head-Up Display):
– Special offer: ;
– unboxing;
– hands on;
– demo in the car;
– HUD apps;
– tips.

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  1. Doesn't you phone get hot laying in the dash like that?  of course not with air on but I drive a Jeep and that's a major problem when I place my phone in the dash tray

  2. It looks fucking awful.. like a brown 1970s reading magnifying glass for old people. Utter junk this item should be £1 from China.use it once toss it in the trash, I have proper hud in my x6, if you don’t have it from factory don’t bother

  3. really, keep your eyes at the road, or keep your eyes in head up display….that is a stupid invntion. promotion video is good. nut that thing is dumb

  4. It will be distracting too. Firstly, when my eyes are on navigator, but my mind is on the navigator screen, is also distracting me while driving. Secondly, in hot sun, your iPhone getting heat directly from sun and it will off your phone. Thirdly if someone calls you while you are driving, you cannot disconnect the caller easily while your phone is away from you and stuck on a magnet and after disconnecting it you cannot place it back correctly while driving. Just imagine, you are on a 50-mile zone and someone calls you and you disconnect call and replace back your phone or you get text messages or WhatsApp messages one after another. You will feel like reading your messages or watch YouTube movies while driving etc. You will be more distracted than when your phone is vertically placed in front of you when you can easily approach and disconnect call or use your finger the remove the message screen away. Finally in bumpy or uneven road, when you can jumps a lot, your phone may drop or the due to sun heat, the sticky tray in front of you can get disconnected and drop your phone in the car or towards the windscreen and you may feel stressed. So, my suggestion is 'NO TO THIS GADGET'. Sorry to this gadget company, but it is almost useless gadget and technique to navigate.

  5. Another gimmick use the voice on the map will tell you well in time of where to go and what turns to take and an alarm will sound when you go over the speed limit. Your phone will become a missile in the event of an accident Hundreds of dollars worth of phone sitting on a 50 dollar bit of plastic held on by a strip of none slip rubber Now go video it at the right distance that the driver would see it. Without zooming in

  6. What is with all the dislikes for this video? Even if you don't like or want the product for some reason, this was a very well produced video. It did a great job of showing how the product works. People are idiots.

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