Jeep Wrangler JKU Off Road Tuning and Training PLUS License Plate and Third Brake Light Relocate

In this video on the build up of the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in the AutoEdit garage… I install a bunch of goodies on the rear end of the Jeep, including the MetalCloak License Plate and Third Brake Light Relocation Kit!
The kit was a breeze to install and I recommend it as a Do It Yourself project for your rig.
I also installed an accessory wing and “borrowed” a Daystar Cam Can from my good buddy Fred Williams as a spare fluid container plus I installed a Hi Lift Jack Mount that I will dial in later.
After all of these easy installations…we head off into the mountains for a little more Off Road training and some testing on the upgrades so far!

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  1. It was a pleasure meeting you today at Gorman buddy I was the guy in the white rubicon hard rock at the entrance when you were paying to come in… love your videos keep it up!!!!

  2. Nice to watch a professional at work. I'd love to see you do a 'how-to edit video', video, for jeep-toobers et al…. wait, did I say 'love'? Too mild …. I meant, for the love of God will somebody tell these guys that a 45-minute loop of a 3-minute electric guitar noodling lick laid down on a one shot dash cam of the entire trail is likely earn them some unwanted attention??! It's like watching the Zapruder Film scored with the "Deliverance" soundtrack and the camera drunkenly panning to a cranky baby at the moment Western Civilization hangs a hard right without signalling. Arrgh!

  3. your jeep is awesome keep up the great work can't wait to see what you do next . I had a question what dealership did you get your jeep Im looking to get one & i want it be Manuel ?

  4. good stuff – thanks for sharing – very inspiring. I have a 2015 firecracker red hardrock rubicon w/ stock heavy duty bumpers.  I need to explore adding the low CG tire carrier w/o sabotaging my stock heavy duty rear bumper.  – Nagi. 73s.

  5. Living on the Monterey Peninsula, we watched SoCal burn last year, and this year. After the fires of 2016, did you find your old off-roading places to go in the hills completely destroyed or were they spared. Its now 2017, and SoCal is once again on fire; so are these same places in danger or have these been spared from the fire?

  6. Very good, Jason 🙂 I'm just getting started with my (very mild) upgrades and will never get as far as you have in this series, but it is so entertaining and informative, I could watch your videos all day! 🙂 Thumbs way up as always, Joe

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