Jeep Wrangler Russell Brake Line Kit (2007-2012 JK) Review

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Feel secure and conquer any terrain with the high quality Russell Brake Line Kit! The Kit will be perfect for those with up to 6 inches of lift on their Jeep!

Extended Lines for Lifted Jeeps. A Russell Brake Line kit for JK Wrangler serves a dual purpose. First and foremost, if your Jeep is lifted (or will be lifted), you will want to consider extending the factory lines to accommodate the extra lift and avoid stretching or tearing of the factory lines. This is particularly apparent for those who disconnect the swaybars while tearing about the back country. Russell Brake Line Kits, which are top-tier, are available for Jeeps with 0-1” of lift, 1-4” of lift and 4-6” of lift.

Improved Pedal Feel. Secondly, due to their braided stainless steel construction, Russell Brake Lines will undergo less expansion than softer rubber lines, thereby transmitting more braking force to the caliper and creating an overall firmer pedal feel, but still remain flexible enough to move smoothly as the suspension is worked. These extended brake lines will also last a lot longer than stock, as their stainless steel composition is impervious to rot.

Bolt-On Installation. Throwing a set of Russell Brake Lines on your Jeep Wrangler is no different than installing an OEM line. Simply attach the block end to the caliper with the banjo bolt (and always use a new copper crush washer!) and the flare end to the factory hard line and you are almost ready to go. As is always the case when disconnecting a brake line, you will need to bleed the brake system before going for a drive. Expect the entire job to take about 2 hours (with bleeding). Brake specific flare wrenches are handy to have for the job, but not necessary at all.

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