Magellan eXplorist TRX7 Review Off-Road GPS Navigation

In this video we take a close up look of the Magellan eXplorist TRX7. After having spending a full day on the trail with it, I give you my honest option about how it operated, what I liked about it and a couple things that I didn’t.

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Magellan eXplorist TRX7 specs:
Over 44,000 designated OHV routes from forest and public lands
Detailed 3D terrain and 2D topo basemap views for determining land features in the USA and Canada
Community generated trail database built by fellow off-road enthusiasts
Social sharing from the trail so friends and family can see your progress
Ruggedized IP67 casing and genuine RAM® windshield mount to handle any 4×4 vehicle and terrain



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  1. I've got a Garmin map62 handheld gps for atving the backcountry here in Montana, but would like to have a bigger screen for monitoring. Does this TRX7 work similar as far as drawing a line or track as your moving along the trail ? Also does the mapping program provide points of interest like campgrounds and old mines ect….?

  2. I'm amazed that hardly anyone reviewing these products rarely comments on the need for internet service to achieve all features. As Mason T below simply asked – "does it require any kind of internet connection?" Whats up? This is a basic need when traveling off grid – not everyone stays in range when kicking up rocks or gets off flight path crawling malls… Please add this info to your future technical reviews as many enthusiasts base purchases on complete information. At your level of YouTube, I was surprised to see this key factor missing. Otherwise, great information

  3. Can you load other maps into it? Like USGS 1:24000 scale maps? Do they make a bigger screen model? You say there is a lot of options for offroad GPS out there. Like what? I need a large screen, stand alone GPS with high detail of the U.S. (and maybe Canada & Mexico). Something that works where there is no cell service. Cost is no object.

  4. I bought the satellite download subscription. The resolution of the download varies from location to location. If you are trying to map a new trail…don't expect that the resolution to be very good. I experimented in mapping a new trail near my home, which is not near any of the 40,000 included trails. The satellite image was essentially worthless…I had to zoom out for a 5 mile x 5 mile coverage. Closer in…the image degraded into large blurred pixel blocks.

  5. This is an Upgraded Nintendo ds. Don't buy it. My wife got me one paid 650! Can't punch in gps coordinates to find anything, you can only find stuff by punching in close trails? wtf?, wont accept any phone contacts manually. Won't download any hunting apps such as onyx. Absolutely no support. I'm gonna sneak buy me a garmin that is an actual GPS.BEWARE RIPOFF!!!

  6. DO NOT BUY THIS POS!!! It probably has 120Mhz of computing power. The damn thi g can’t even keep up with you typing let alone guide you. The map in 3D lags so bad it is unuseable. Once you set it to 3D, you have to reset the damn thing to get it back into 2D where it is slightly useable. If you reset your device, you have to redownload and reinstall the map app which takes a loooooooong time because this pos is slooowwwwwwwwwwww. It will not find your address because it uses a map from the 1970.

    The trx7 is just a cheap android device with a map app. You can buy a better android tablet for 50 bucks. I wasted my money so you don’t have to waste yours.

  7. People rugged radios has them for under 400 doll AND THATS FOR THE CS BUILT IN CAMERA ONE and its waterproof the most top of the line It has on road Nav now Mounts are out there I have mine Roll cage mounted on a polaris rzr

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