Not All Big Brake Kits Are Created Equal – StopTech Factory Tour

Come for a tour as we visit the StopTech facility where big brakes kits are made and engineered. You’ll learn why bigger is not always better, why one caliper doesn’t fit all and the strict quality control that StopTech adheres to produce one of the best big brake kits on the market.

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  1. Very informative.
    BUT, none of their test or measurement equipment looked calibrated. Meaning the measurement uncertainty could be out of this world and their instrumentation could be out of spec upon building their units.

  2. All brakes calipers have a natural tend to pull outwards when the friction is applied, which is why a company in australia developed a fitting which eliminates that pulling to the outside when brakes are applied and thus longer life for your pads no matter what type of brakes you have,which is bugatti has the system on their cars . 🙂

  3. The guy doing the interview is. More interested in something behind the spider guy! Maybe he’s looking into a mirror? Can’t stop looking at himself! Yeah, right, mmm hmm, yeah, right, sure, yeah, yup, okay, mmmhmm, yup, yup, yup, yup,

  4. I've had stop tech braided steel brake hoses on my prelude since around 2011. The first 3 months of Michigan cold cracked all the protective rubber/plastic off the hoses. However, they have been working without issues.

  5. Also every pad make noise the difference is when those noises are heard by the human ear, so basically if you can make a pad which does not make any noises for the human ear to hear it your on a winner, but all dogs will hear you pull up to a driveway, which is the pad noise the car makes when you pull up to a house and they know someone is there. lol 🙂

  6. Also this company would basically by Oe pads and then upgrade them to suit, like any other MAIN MANUFACTURER of brakes do, they all try to make the best pads based on OE materials used. 🙂 COPY/ COPY/COPY. 🙂

  7. This is an incredibly informative video. I have new respect to what goes into development and manufacture…its no wonder these kits are 2000+ at the minimum. Money well spent. I'm done trying to piece together a budget kit.

  8. Amazing the process!! Makes me understand why some parts are so expensive. There is so much invovled to what companies do.

  9. DUDE! Greg is so informative you can tell he loves his job. He is a WEALTH of information. This guy would be great as a "TECH TALK" spokesman for Stop Tech. I really enjoyed his piece.

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