Offroad Kart Suspension Overhaul

Our Murray off road go kart is in rough shape after we bent the axle beyond repair. We got some brand new parts to bring it back to full working order.

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  1. CarsandCameras, can you give me the part numbers for the shocks you used? My Go kart looks to be about the same size so I think those shocks would be perfect. Thanks!

  2. You know you could actually grab that selector ring that has two notches in it and pull up on it while you twist with your hands and move it by hand. I've done it so I know it can be done

  3. Please help, I recently bought one of these go karts and true to it's $100 price tag and CL ad explaining only the frame was solid, I've got one heck of a project on my hands. What length shock did yall put on front 10,10.5, or 11? & what size tire and rim on front?

  4. "The hill". I jumped a hill like that with my moped once. Pinned in 5th going downhill. 40Mph/65Kph. BAD IDEA XD.
    There was nothing on the other side of that "hill" just straight back down and flat.
    When i finally landed my 2 rear shocks exploded and my tool box broke clean off just from the impact against the ground xD.
    I'm glad i did this as a kid. no weight and strong bones. Compared to now… twice the weight and weak old bones :P.

  5. I bought one of these for my kids for Christmas, they have been watching your videos with me and they said they want a go kart for Christmas now! They also told their mom to buy me tools to build them. Thanks for the videos guys, yall rock and maybe one day we will run into you at Busco Beach as we live on the coast of NC.

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