Watching A Heavy Duty Off Road Suspension In Action

Watch An Off Road Truck Suspension While Moving!
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This video provides a visual understanding of what’s happening under your car while you drive. What we’re looking at, starting with the right we have the tire, wheel, and brake caliper. Moving left you can see the spring and damper. Towards the bottom is what Ram calls the “Articulink, an additional linkage in the lower control arm which allows for greater articulation of the front axle. Above the axle you can see the track bar or Panhard rod. You want to allow up and down motion of the suspension, but prevent lateral and longitudinal motion. The track bar is used to restrict side to side movement.

Above the track bar you can see the drag link. This is part of the steering linkage and is used to rotate the right wheel, which is then linked by a cross-car-tie-rod to rotate the left wheel. Finally, we have the jounce bumper or ‘bump stop’, which is used to prevent contact between the axle and the frame when suspension travel is excessive due to shock impacts.

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  1. Hey dude. I just wanted to say that I love your videos and your work. Because of you I have learned so much and I owe you my passion for cars and engineering. Love you man keep up with the hard work!!!

  2. I was really surprising to me to see cardan joint on axle. I've never seen this kind of joint in car, only those cv joints in rubber shield. Jason may you explain why designers choose one over another?

  3. I always wondered that the "panhard rod" moves in a circular movement and therefore tilt slightly the whole axle on one side from the longitudinal center of the car when the spring is compressed… Seams strange but must be logical or maybe some clever devices counteract this motion.
    A video on it might be a good subject 😉

  4. Great Stuff, EE!  I enjoy all your videos, they are all entertaining/educational… but I actually am going outside right now.  Thanks!

  5. I love watching your videos! Could you do a video about track bars? I don't really understand how they don't cause allignment issues as the suspension travels.

  6. As a retired suspension designer I have watched hours of these kind of video's. They never get old. It is also cool to see just how much the engine itself is moving around.

  7. Hi man, out of topic question if you dont mind.. Is it normal for some shock to knock on cold temp say below 10degC? If so… Why? What is the cause? Please educate us.. 🙂

  8. Dear Engineering Explained. I just would suggest to make avideo comparing schocks technology (particlar for offroad vehicles), comparing mono and twin tube and hydraulic vs hydro-gas schocks.

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