ATV trail riding Colorado Taylor park & Tincup! July 28th 2016.

Our 4th day of exploring the trails around Taylor park CO.
We found a interesting Gold mining site! Also rode Napoleon Pass!
July 28th 2016.



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  1. BAHAHAHA!!! Love the goggle wearing dog! Toooooo FUNNY!
    Gotta hate it when the lips aren't in sync with the brain – lol – (remnants)
    Love checking out those old mining sites and imagining what it was like way back when. That old pump(?) looked like it was made out of some quality steel. Considering the weight of it, can you imagine what it would be worth just as scrap alone? WOW! Surprised it's still sitting there.
    "Golllly, I'm gonna go to the bathroom after this" and "Burrrp, ooops, sorry 'bout that" – hahaha!
    That jet fly-by was loud!
    What did the "Property of USA" sign say about the cabin at the very end?
    Excellent video of awesome country! Thanx for sharin'!

  2. the machine you asked about is an air compressor. It was made by Rand Co. now Ingersoll-Rand. It was used to compress air for drilling blast holes in mine.

  3. Spent 3 days riding out of a beautiful cabin up there a few years ago, a month after you guys actually. Most fun I've had with any kind of vehicle ever. Coming back in the rain at night down the mountain from the pass at 50mph screaming into the void, I need to get some more of that place. Thanks for the blip of nostalgia, looks like you guys had a fun trip, stay safe!

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