Colorado’s Alpine Loop – ADV GUIDE to the PASSES! Imogene, Black Bear, Engineer, & More! #everide

This is a detailed ADV guide of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains which are FULL of amazing mountain passes: Imogene, Black Bear, Engineer, California, Corkscrew, Cinnamon, and more! What’s best? All of these passes can be accessed by larger ADV motorcycles and smaller dual sports with limited fuel range, most within a single day via Ouray, Telluride, Silverton, and the Million Dollar Highway.

If you’re on your way, here is a VERY useful map:

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  1. Love this video! Your channel helps ease the motorcycle blues while i'm stuck out here in the M-E on deployment. Here's to a quick recovery so you can get out on the trails again.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration, I just returned from Telluride, we did Opier pass from Tell to Silverton then rode the Million up to Oaray. Black Bear and Imogene where still closed. Did it on a tired DR650, the last 1000 yards to the summit was all the fun I wanted. Keep up the great work, I hope your medical BS is almost over!

  3. Hello Tyler, my friend and I are interested in visiting your bed and breakfast. How can I get more information? Like renting bikes or shipping our own bikes, DRZ400 and WR250f for a 3 or 4 day stay. Is there a number I can call to speak to someone about the trip?

  4. Hey, I would like to show a couple of seconds of this video (incorporated into my video on youtube) to show what stabilisation can look like, just a few seconds. Is that possible?

  5. This area of Colorado has been on my bucket list for a while and your crazy-well-done video has truly captured the many reasons I have for getting my butt down there. I've seen a lot of great videos over the last 2 years but this one caps it. No doubt now – we'll be there in 2018. Thanks muchly!

  6. You’ve got me wanting to sell my Harley and get an adventure bike. On my bucket list is a ride up Mt. Antero in Colorado. It’s a 14,000 foot mountain with a road going most of the way up. I’d love to ride my dirt bike up it, but it would be awesome on a good adventure bike too

  7. hey Tyler, great job! as usual.. hey i am thinking about buying a piece of land in Co. If you could live anywhere in Colorado with a strong emphasis on dualsport/enduro and camping ? where would it be? being from new hampshire I kinda lean towards having trees on the land rather than vast open spaces..ty any help will be much appreciated I may just ask you in person when I head out your way via tat in June..

  8. Epic video thanks. Selling the Harley and buying a KLR 650.. Let the Adventure begin.. Going to do Copper Canyon in Mexico 1st since its 200 miles from me. ❤??

  9. so after watching your series of videos on the Loop, I have 17 family members coming out from the midwest along with their bikes and RZRs in tow. Question keeps coming up: How do you layer for the Loop trips back and forth between Lake City, Ouray, and Silverton? Winter gloves, long johns, etc?

  10. Superb video quality. Almost mesmerizing! Thanks for sharing. I'll er up next week in Taylor Park and then in August Riding dual Sport from Trinidad to MOAB!

  11. Im saving all the vids to make a compo ride plan of Colorado and Utah for a epic bucket list ride.  I have been there before and it was a fantastic ride.  Next time its the bucket run ride and its going to be epic.  I don't have much money for it but I will do it on the cheap and afterwards deal with it.

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