Colorado’s scenic Pearl Pass in a Jeep

Took a daytrip over Pearl Pass in Colorado in our Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, starting in Aspen and ending in Crested Butte. The trail was fun, very scenic and just enough of a challenge to keep it interesting. This was early September and it was cold and windy on the Pass at 12,700 feet!



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  1. Found the video by dumb luck.. was trying to show my wife some videos of Pearl and Schofield passes.  Thought I recognized your jeep from the  pass, then cracked up when I saw the bike.  I'm sure Frank would love to see some of his footage if you have any time to post.  That is some really high quality video you are shooting!

  2. What drone did you use? And how do you like it? Good video, just need more/different camera angles in the first half. I'm jealous man. Someday I will get a sweet jeep when all my kids are out of car seats.

  3. Hey, is Pearl Pass one way? Can you turn around and go back the or do you have to go all the way through? Also, can you drive in, park, and go backpacking?

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