Hells Revenge Highlights – Moab, UT

Hells Revenge is an extremely popular trail in Moab and is considered a must do for many. It’s a wild rollercoaster ride over natural, petrified sand dunes, or “fins” as most people call them. If you take all the bypasses, it’s not a very technical trail, however it’s not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of steep climbs and descents over the fins and some areas that you must drive very close to the edge of high cliffs which can be truly terrifying. For those looking for some added fun, Hells Revenge offers a few optional obstacles; Hells Gate, The Hot Tubs, The Escalator, and Tip Over Challenge. The Overlook also offers a great view of the Colorado River. This trail definitely gives you a taste of what Moab has to offer. Travel on this trail is a designated one way by the BLM. The route is clearly marked so be sure to follow the yellow flame symbols on the ground. It does criss-cross the Slickrock Trail so try not to get confused and be sure to stay on the correct trail.

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