Hole in the Rock Trail – Three Day Offroad Trip in Southern Utah

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This trail run was organized by Jensen of Red Rock Crawlers. Jensen also has a YouTube Channel, so take a moment and check him out! We did this trail over a whole weekend, and it was beautiful. This was the first serious trail that we’ve run outside of Moab, and it sure delivered.

It featured beautiful views of the San Juan river and Lake Powell. The slickrock obstacles were so fun to crawl on with the Jeeps. It was an awesome trail that I would highly recommend!

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  1. Excellent video! We ran HitR last April prior to the Arch Canyon Jeep Jamboree with a couple of other trail guides. Our leader was formerly with the San Juan County highway department and helped plot the bypass when the trail washed out at Lake Pagarhit some years ago. It was SPECTACULAR!!! Did you guys camp in the small amphitheater with the little cave and all the Moqui Marbles scattered about? We're really hoping to run this trail again sometime.

  2. I was out there with a couple of LC's in July. The "spooky spot" as we refer to it isn't much fun in either direction. We took the inside line being in long wheelbase trucks, but didn't like that spot much. Been on the trail 3 times now and it's my favorite trail. Great video!

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