Lake Murray ATV Trails

First time out to Lake Murray ATV Trails in Ardmore, Oklahoma. I definitely will go back, a little small but its a really nice park. Cheap too, $10 admission.



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  1. Man that was to much being stuck right in the middle of that water hole. $10 admission to have fun in the mud, water & dirt>>> Hell yeah!!!. We have a place a few miles from us and they have some cool rigs always sitting outside there business. the newest to date 4 wheelers cycles and ect… They have a service center there and and sales plus trails to ride your new rig on. Makes me sick though to see the prices. I just subscribed to your cool channel. Feel free to subscribe to my channel. I would appreciate the support in return.

  2. Y'all need to try the mud park in Mannsville I was out there even with out the rain around here it was still pretty muddy there open 24-7 it's 10$ to get in 8$ to camp with a tent I'm about to post some vids from there you can come watch them..

  3. Hey man love the vids! Take a look at my channel if you get a chance! Thanks for the support! Keep the videos coming. We ride in south GA and N Fla so maybe we will cross paths one day!

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