Laurel Lake Rd – Mammoth Lakes, California –

Laurel Lakes Road is a great scenic trail just outside the town of Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern High Sierras. The narrow, four and a half mile road that has lots of places to pass. Starting at about 7,300 feet and ending just over 10,000 feet, this trail has snow capped mountains, aspen groves, creeks and a back country lake. With so many sights in front of you, it easy to miss the great views from behind as you leave the valley floor.



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  1. I just came home from here. Beautiful trail and scenery. You could make it up with a stock 4wd with low range gears.
    BEWARE of afternoon thunderstorms!!!We camped above upper lake at the roads end. The place was like a lightning rod. I wouldn’t camp in this particular place again. Lightning less than 50 feet away and thunder sounded like bombs going off. It was terrifying and awesome at the same time!

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