Mica Gem Mine Road – Trail Adventure

On this adventure we headed south to Jacumba, California to meet up with our some good friend from the San Diego Jeep Club and other from around San Diego to run the Mica Gem Mine Road. This trail has many connecting trails and we stayed mostly on the 019 and 033 and did an out and back. There is lots to explore out there and we will be going back for sure!

Mica Gem Mine Road in Jacumba Hot Springs, California

Trailhead GPS: 32.636371, -116.126973

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Fareoh – Cloud Ten

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  1. Another well done video. In the beginning of the trial drive there was a yellow Rubicon Jeep that had a tire carrier with over tire cargo carrier and two Rotopaxs on either side. I have been looking at this for my JK. Was it a Garvin Trail Rack 4400 and rear G2 series bumper? Thanks!

  2. nice video, and the drone shots were good too. I would like to hear some engine noise and tyre scrapes from the rock if poss.
    I look forward to you next vid.

  3. Awesome vid, I really hope to get to the southern US one day and explore some of this. I do have one question, who owns the red 2 door @ 3:37 because that is exactly what I want to do to my '12 2 door. I was wondering if he/she is on any of the forums with any more pics. Any info is greatly appreciated.

  4. I love watching this video and seeing the time we spent on this one! We started up in the early morning with the sun out and ended when it was pitch black. The video doesn't show everything that happened in-between but I have to say, I'm proud to wheel with this group!

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