Off Road Adventure Trail Reconnaissance – Dos Cabezas – Jeep Video

In this off road adventure we met up with some of our close Jeeping friends to scout out a trail in the Dos Cabezas area for a large San Diego Jeep Club run we had coming up. Although this is an easy trail, the desert scenery is spectacular all around. We didn’t expect to be driving up and close to the power generating windmills, so that was an added bonus.

There are lots and lots of trails to explore out in the Ocotillo area, so if you are going to head out there I recommend you go with a friend in another rig, bring a good map, GPS, and plenty of water.

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Music by:
Ethan Meixsel – Demise
Ethan Meixsel – The Fiery Furnace



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  1. Air cleaners for everyone!!! I bet you guys out there in the sand and dust go through air filters like crazy, or at least do a lot of filter vacuuming. Great video as always!

  2. Hey! That's my stomping ground!!! The in-laws have a house in Ocotillo that we visit several times a year. In fact, I'm certain you drove past the house once you left the hard ball. When is the main event?

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