Outlaw Trail – Sedona, Arizona

At the beginning of the trail are the Honanki Indian Ruins, Honanki and its sister site, Palatki, were the largest cliff dwellings of the Red Rock country between AD 1150 – 1350. The Sinagua, ancestors of the Hopi, lived here preparing meals, raising their families, and making tools from stone, leather, and wood. The Outlaw Trail leaving the Heritage Site is fairly easy and simple featuring excellent views of the Sedona red rocks from far away, as well as views of Cottonwood, Jerome, and other surrounding towns. It is an excellent trail to drive during the busy tourist months of Sedona, as it is not as commonly travelled as some of the more popular trails that are closer to town. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic and simple drive if you are looking for a bit of seclusion.

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  1. I started at Honaki ruins and did the outlaw trail yesterday in my TRD Off Road, Tacoma with 3 inch lift. I thought I turned the knob to 4 low, but realized at the end of the trail that I did the whole thing in 2 high. Yes, I can be a Tard sometimes, but it did it with no problem….

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