Riding The Pocahontas Trail at Hatfield McCoy Trails

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AJ hits the road for our annual excursion to West Virginia to ride the Hatfield McCoy Trail system and try out the Pocahontas Trail.

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  1. Bramwell is an awesome little town! you needed to stop in the little cafe/diner for their all you can buffet, all homemade food. Pocahontas trail system is ok, if it wasn't logged out it would be better.

  2. Awesome! I can't wait to go sometime.
    Have you guys ever been to Black Mountian in Kentucky?? I'd say it's the next best place in the Appalachians. Huge place and rugged as hell.

  3. I am descended from West Virginia Coal Miners, my great grandfather Martin and grandfather Davis were both miners underground. My great grandfather ran away from school to the mines at the age of 8. He worked underground 52 years starting as a trapper boy, progressing all the way to electrician despite not being able to read. His name was Hershel Martin, i know so much more about him because his life was just as tough as it sounds.

  4. Just got back and loved it. Rented a RZR 4 seat and stayed at a local resort. Well worth the weekend trip. Wasn't very crowded on a Sunday late July. Recommend this trip and a rental for any noobs out there wanting to see if this might be a fun hobby to get into or just looking for something new to try. It is not hard, it was safe and we didn't break down.

  5. The buffalo trails lodge was started by some part of my wife’s family never really got to meet them but a time or two but it’s a beautiful place use to drive by it everyday

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