Toyota Tacoma Trail Damage at AOAA Offroad Park

Tacomaworld meet at Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area in Coal Township, PA. Driving sideways on a mountain combined with wet loose rocks. #tacoma #offroading #aoaa

*Cutting down trees is specifically prohibited at AOAA.

Sadly, not everyone made it out unscathed. Be sure to follow Randy’s build on Instagram@4lo_pro

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  1. Hurts to watch this. All that could have been prevented. If you have the tools to prevent damage, use them! Don’t be lazy!Thankfully it’s a cheep fix but it could have been worse.

  2. Well, that is a bit of " all-right" as the Brits say.
    You and the mighty Rock Climbing Crew of Giants, got to go out into the wild untamed wilderness, so far from civilization and on to uncharted country , finding "THE Trail of Destruction " , the Holy Grail, OF OFF ROADING!!!!
    Rock derbies , HUGE trees, Unseen DANGER around every rock., Mighty Warriors, guiding and making the trail smooth. What a Sight for the arm chair bound viewers to look in wonder at.
    To witness such a spectral is awh inspiring, and an emotion retching experience.

    P.S. Noticed YOU were smart enough to run the camera ????
    p.p.s sorry bout the side mirror, I did see the sun was in his eyes-so no foul

  3. Do you have a link on where you got your headlights? Love em. I watched a video you had about them a few weeks ago how they change from white to Orange, and they just look really good overall, I’d love to get them for my taco!

  4. Luckily my first time out nothing bad happened to me super grateful for that lol didn’t do nothing crazy like this though ahah,
    Great video my friend, still. can’t wait till I get to run a trail with you lol!!,
    & p.s I posted the wheels and lift now 😉

  5. Hey Buddy, me again from Nova Scotia. Off topic, I know but…got 22k miles on my Taco. Full cab, short box and manual tranny. Anyway, I've always put a coat of Fluid Film on every year. Now someone told me I should switch to Rust Check. What do you think? TIA

  6. I can’t talk because I recently got stuck while muddling…BAD…But my thoughts are why not use the winch to prevent this damage? I will say this guy has balls either way, that’s some crazy trail. Thanks for the vid!

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