Trabuco Canyon (Holy Jim Canyon) 4×4 Trail – Orange County, California

Holy Jim Canyon (AKA Trabuco Canyon Road) can easily be said to be the most popular off-road trail in all of Southern California. With thousands of visitors a day, this is a great place to get out, have some fun, do a little socializing, and partake in people watching all at the same time. With it being less than 20 minutes from anywhere in Orange County California, there is no doubt why so many 4×4 enthusiasts can say they have driven this path into Orange County’s unknown forest. Even though the path is fun by itself, it is what is next to the road that gets many of the visitors to leave their homes and head out to Holy Jim. That is, just off the road are plenty of challenging areas from rock crawling, hill climbs, off-camber areas, a creek to play in, and lots of hiking. If you are in the area, and are looking for a place that is suitable for every type and skill level of off-roader, then check out Holy Jim Canyon aka Trabuco Canyon.Get the trail details and download a GPS route today at:

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  1. Sweet video, I like how you did those cool features. I've checked out your website before and downloaded other trails. I'm heading to Holy Jim this Sunday, any advice being out there?

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